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Well whenever I move out on my own or into a larger place I fixed the problem of wondering what to do with a empty room.


I find your lack of a Gundam Double X... Disturbing.

recify that. :wink:

So I just got a good idea for a custom.

This would be the main build (along with some trimmed parts and a 2nd zwei for the other 2 arms and parts.)

Anyone got any ideas for ball socket feet that would fit the aesthetic / build and have a hinge in the front for transformation? My ideas is that the upper body forms some kind of plane while the legs form a dragon ship (similar to the epyons MA mode.)

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Poll for the next Ver. KA is up.
Unfortunately, Barbatos is winning.

Barbatos aint a bad design. I'd much rather have the Raiser, but it's alright compared to some of the less interesting designs on that list.

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holy crap, God Gundam's in 3rd.

take that, Zeta.

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Man, I hope the G-Self wins, it'd be nice to see it get a decent kit.

So I'm building another custom based on the end and decided to try making a custom chest peice

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Well, G-Self won the Master Grade poll.


I quite like the G-Self's design, hopefully the MG is good.

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I really dislike designs like the G-Self. It looks too much like a toy instead of a mech for war.

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That annoying time when your this close but you run out of paint before those final few peices.


I'm thinking about getting a few kits and seeing what it's like.

Seems like a cool hobby.

Just a warning though; if you get into customizing don't be surprised if you get too many ideas to build. I still haven't opened or built my jiyan Altron I got a few months ago.

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I'm honestly probably gonna be less into customizing and more into display and photography.

and playing with them, that is.

Well then you probably wont have a problem. Right now I still need to finish the hands and feet on one project, have the body of another, and the unopened model to work on.

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Necropost but shush

Fun fact Pink Paint (More accurately magenta iirc) makes a flipping fantastic base coat for silver paints

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That's a neat fact.

I'm 100% getting a model, base, and a cool weapon kit for Christmas.

Zaku II type c/c-5!

This one?

Good kit choice :slight_smile: