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Looks good!

I might begin a scratch model.
I don't have anywhere enough pieces, just a ton of polycaps.

I'd start with maybe a night grade iron blooded orphans kit. Not only are they simple to customize since they all use a similar built but some like the barbatos have a near comeplete inner skeleton to add too.

Though it'll be expensive since that stuff ussually requires a tone of parts in order to fuse them into new parts like the chest on my sukiyami.

I'd say start out simple with just a zaku or really any hg grunt suit..


Yeah, I just got the Vual and the similarities between the frame of that and the Dantalion is amazing.
I could almost switch the frames, and it might work seamlessly.

After hunting I finally found an interesting lower body for my broken 1/100 dynames that isn’t too small or same size. Not quite a mobile armor but the centaur form should be interesting.


I’m introducing gunpla to a friend this weekend.

Nice. How?

I’m having him come over, and I got a kit for him to build, as well as a tool kit.
So I’m just gonna run over the basics with him and build the kit step by step, taking it slow and easy.

I got a kit for myself, because that way I can show him things without building his kit for him, and so that he can watch me for examples,

Nice. What kits?

I got him the HGUC RX-78-2 revive, and myself the HGBD Leo NPD.

Nice. I’ve heard the revive is great and I love the Leo; I’m happy we finally got a cheap army builder suit. Did you remember panel lining?

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I forgot about that.
I got a set of pens that I can use, I’ll go over that with him.

About the Leo, YES. It looks great, and I’m glad it came with the spare parts to make the original torso and head as well. Plus, it’s really cheap on Amazon. It’s about $15, compared to the normal $20 for other kits. I was considering getting three at one point, but I decided against it.

Yep. Some kits it’s not neccesary and others need that little back line. I’d say the Leo is definitely the latter.

Oh, yeah.
Especially with all the grooves that i’ve seen from the pics.
Im not sure about the RX-78-2, though. Ill have to see when its built.

Edit 'cuz I don’t wanna double post. :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve got my first full custom in the works right now. It looks really cool.

gunpla Satan has returned and now she’s cosplaying an angel

Jokes aside the wings and the angel armor parts actually look pretty nice. I wouldn’t mind using them on a custom Nobel or another suit.

Don’t be seduced by the Devil!


I know this blasphemy to even suggest but can we get some if the original BF gundam girls remade in this line?

I finally picked up a figure rise model and everything about it is better then those things. I feel like I can actually display this model and it won’t steal my soul. Even the eye stickers look good just being stuck on.


I don’t know much about Gunpla, and I’ve never held on in my hands, but I’m a big fan of LBX and i found these the other day.

Can you gunpla people give me any opinions on quality?

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They look pretty good.
I’ll have to buy one to be sure but they look to be the same quality.
Do you know if they have polycaps?

I have no clue what that is.

And I thought you bought Kunoichi?

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I didn’t buy anything yet
It turns out that I need some stuff for my phone so that kinda takes priority.