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Ah… okay.

What are polycaps by the way?

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Polycaps are hard rubbery pieces ussually used in joints and connectors on gunpla. They come on a extra PC runner not labeled ABCD 123 etc

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Ah. Okay.

Yeah they’re typically softer rubbery plastic things.
They’re nice on smaller kits but they can wear out too, which can be a nuisance.

Even now in the glorious days of SDCS and figure rise Satan still finds a way to return.


Found this retro treasure recently. I know. Your supposed to paint it but I’m keeping it this was as a then vs now with the upcoming beyond global rx-78-2


So, I’ve been looking at some of these models, and I think I found one I like. However I know nothing about these, so do you think any of you gunpla people could inform me about whether this is a good buy?

I think that’s more for model kit discussion since this is more for Gundam stuff

pretty sure that is a gundam tho, or gundam related since they sell it at the USA Gundam Store

and it looks like something from one of their SD universes

That’s from LBX, a different cartoon that also has Bandai robot kits. They’re significantly simpler and have more stickers than something like an HG, but I really like them. The articulation is pretty alright and it’s a nice build because little can really go wrong.

I do have that kit in particular and have had no problems with it.

I’m… not sure. The games came before the models, and have nothing to do with the gundam universe, but the models are very similar, and have similar ranges of motion.

yeah just saw it wasn’t part of the gundam universe|

disregard what I said earlier

I see no issues with this being partly a general model kit discussion. Model kits really only have 2 huge companies; bandai and kotobukya.

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Thanks for the info, I’ll look into it a bit more. Devin is my favorite charecter in the show/game, so I’d love to have a piece of memorabilia.

Well there is already a general Model Kit topic in entertainment

but that topic is dead and it focuses more on general model kits rather than stuff like gunpla and kotobukiya

Things like model planes, cars and what not? Yes?

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Yeah pretty much

But it’s not as popular as this topic

Understandable. Alot of the people here had an interest in bionicle, and that’s what drew them here. Gunpla are much more similar to Constraction compared to traditional US model kits. Hence, the groups don’t crossover as much.

I mean, I’ve built a few aircraft Snaptights, and I’ve still got a couple of model tanks, but I hardly think that makes me a model builder.

anyway I’m considering getting into making Custom gunpla. Any tips for a beginner? I’d call myself a decent straight build guy in terms of gunpla, and atm I focus on 1/144 HGs

I’d start out with just a plain repaint and go from there. My first few were repaints then I ended up trying a custom chest to the point now I have several that are glued and kitbashed.

As for general I’d try to plan the colors / modifications before building the kit.

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