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Rubbing alcohol on a tamiya cotton swab.

Paper towels also work if cotton swabs aren’t immediately available


thank you


My dear son cordax wanted me to inform y’all that he has been spending his time improving his panel lining skills.


i got the pretty new perfect grade rx 78 for christmas
thought you ought to know
i’ll post pics when done


I really wish if a kit has odd one hand weaponry that they’d also include opposite parts to switch hands or attach a second copy to the other arm. With double jius you can build both big arms but it’s dissapointing it only comes with left arm connectors.



you only did the master grades

time to finish :yum:


I just finished building my first Gunpla robo!

The articulation is incredible. So much poseability!

One thing that surprised me is its size. From the images and box, I expected something along the size of a Toa Metru, but as you probably know it’s quite a lot smaller.

But that’s not a bad thing at all, rather the opposite - the small size makes all the details, articulation and stability even more impressive.


I like how the exhaust pipes on its back can be used as drumsticks.

Building the model was fun. It wasn’t particularily challenging - as to be expected with an 8+ beginner level kit - but it was still great. I like how it all comes together without glue. I have some experience with other plastic model kits (a few vehicles from Revell and Ceji) that all require glue so it wouldn’t have been a problem, but simply being able to put it all together without glue is even nicer.

The design of the robot is awesome as well. I know nothing about Gundam besides the fact that it has awesome looking robots, but I still enjoy this model.

Needless to say, I’m impressed and happy with this. I’m certain it won’t be my last Gunpla model.


Ah, another successful recruit

Glad you enjoyed it! Just a couple of things

Those are beam saber handles - since you’ve got the original version of the Entry Grade kit, no actual blades for them are included

If they were there, they’d look like this

You can actually get kits in larger scales if you’d like! What you’ve got here is an Entry Grade kit, and both High Grades and Real Grades share the same scale. Master Grades and Full Mechanics are in a scale closer to what you were expecting

Here’s Vakama next to High Grade Aerial on the left and Full Mechanics Aerial on the right. Same Mobile Suit, two different scales.

On the mention of that, I should probably go over the grading system

  • Entry Grade - this is what you’ve got. Does what it says on the tin pretty much. An entry-level kit 1/144 scale kit for beginners
  • High Grade - most common grade available. More complex than EGs but certainly not difficult. As mentioned before, these are typically the same scale as EGs
  • Master Grade - far more complex kits in 1/100 scale, closer to the Metru size you were expecting. These all have a full inner skeleton
  • Real Grade - Basically just MG complexity in an HG-adjacent 1/144 scale kit. Full inner skeleton again
  • Perfect Grade - even more complex kits in an even larger 1/60 scale
  • Super Deformed - just little guys with big heads

Helpful comparison

There’s a bunch of other miscellaneous kit types like the aforementioned Full Mechanics, but these are by far the most prevalent


Thanks for the extensive reply! The scale chart is very helpful. It’s good to know the size and complexity for what I might get in the future.

Also I was sure that the handles weren’t actually supposed to be drumsticks, but hey… With a little imagination :grinning:
They do look a lot like exhaust pipes on the back, to me at least. Especially since they attach to what looks like a jetpack.


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Space Australia is more frightening than Earth Australia

I will never buy a Gunpla because I just gotta draw lines at some point with my hobbies but these suckers do look pretty slick


You know this kinda gives me an idea to customize the beam sabers into gun attachments or other kind of options.


after quite a few years, I’ve finally (properly) painted up a kit

I present: the sandrock but edgy

if yall have any tips I would love to hear them!


painted the banshee’s psychoframe purple

spiderus please don’t delete this I know it’s a double post but it’s something creative don’t smite me please spiderus no what are you doing I can’t go back to big jim


On Reddit I saw a post about someone losing a face plate and that gave me an idea for a spare kit that I had to test out.

I love how evil that missing part looks; on the final product I might even make the chest have eye designs while keeping the head a hollow void.


That looks neat! Its like the mech has a shadowy hood rather than the usual face.