GWP Gali Nuva (ver. iylv)

I know plenty of people have already done GWP style Toa Nuva, so my version is definitely not any definitive version.

Actually just did a quick GWP style MOC (nothing new or innovative), because I have the intention to redo the Kaukau Nuva in Blender and not actually manifesting that intention, and what better way to do a redesign than to try making a 2D prototype for GWP style masks.

The real star of this thread, the Kaukau Nuva (redux)… in GrApHiCs DeSiGn form. Of course, incl. other color variants for your design, as if you wanted to do other brick build MOCs like SCCBS or minifig style. Cause gRaPhIcS dEsIgN.

Also, this variant really started as a mash up of the Huna & Kaukau meant for Naho, since the Naho falls feature the kaukau and most MOCs of Naho feature the Huna… let’s just say almost none of the Huna influence remained… welp. And Naho definitely doesn’t have a kaukau since another toa mangai canonically uses the kaukau.

Also, bonus Hahli mask (it’s heavily modified from Msw41’s designs). Blue eyes because Hahli has blue eyes in the movie (but they won’t show up if you print it on a transparent sticker… personal experience).


I love your face decals so much.


I’m not content with it just being a 2D face print… but I’m also not doing anything to change that…

Yeah, I’ve got the Metru head & 2007 glass visor (courtesy of Galva) piece open in Blender… and nothing else, when I really should be making my Kaukau Nuva redux in Blender (and the rest of the body too).

Yeah, all I have are some mediocre body proportion sketches… cause IDK how to do side profile.

Not sure if I want to stick the toa to all being 8 heads tall, or lower some to 7 heads kanohi. I know my turaga should be 6⅓ kanohi tall (not depicted… or drawn)… and my 5 kanohi tall matoran just straight up sucks.

Also not sure if that female body type should be the petite or thicc, since it’s skinny on top and pixar mom below.


Help, I suck at hard surface modelling. Any advice on how to translate my 2D design to 3D?


I think I’m starting to get recall a proper workflow for hard srf modelling. Should’ve remembered the wise words of BlenderGuru. I think I’m almost done blocking out, just need the vents.

Any feedback would come in handy now, before I go to retopo and cleaning it up.

Also, what mask should this be? I intended it to be a aquatic Huna or a Kaukau Nuva, but it looks more like a noble kaukau to me. What should it be? (Also, hopefully I can do Big_Phan/SpectreL’s adaptive kaukau and a faxon in my own style, but that’s me getting ahead of myself).


It looks like a Huna and a KauKau combined. Also getting some Spartan and Space Marine helmet feels as well.
Really nice looking so far.


In my head, it started as wanting to make a mask of Naho.

Naho seems to be always be depicted with a Huna, but on the other hand, you have Naho falls showing a kaukau. So I figured, why not mash the two up.

I mean I did start with the GWP print.

Now the problem is…

  1. It looks too much like Tanma’s miru.
  2. If it’s meant to be for Naho, it looks too much like a kaukau, and there’s already another toa mangai using a kaukau.
  3. I somehow decided to 3D model it without a CAD software, and now I have to painfully retopo it.

At the very least it makes a good concept.
Now you have that base idea you can work from there.

I personally use This Huna for my Naho.

So maybe some breathing app type details would help.
Sorry to say I can’t offer any advice for the topology though, you are on your own there lol


I’m still trying to figure out my hard surface workflow.

Considering as I’m planning to do my own Bionicle fan game (lol, as if I could ever finish it), my priority is to model out the masks that already exist, with my own twist, of course.

Since I always love the female toa (minus Nokama), I’m hoping to do a faxon and adaptive kaukau. I’m thinking of imitating Big_Phan kaukau, which in turn based of SpectreL.

I should also probably do a Hau, since that’s dirt easy to code in Unreal.


So, instead of automating my retopo, I’m manually retopoing… and I decided to try something and… well.

If anyone’s replying, ignoring the shading issues, I’ld like some feedback as to which version everyone prefers, and what elements to mix & match, mainly the triangle mouth and contour on the left.


Ooh! The one on the right is really nice! I like the vent designs. I can imagine it as an adaptation of the Kaukau from 2008!


I also favor the one on the right. Besides the left one seeming a bit bulky, the one to the right can be a variant for the Kaukau and noble Miru, and I really like versatile masks. Opens up part expression



That teal/gold combo works surprisingly well


Now I ain’t saying I stole it from WH40k (Thousand Sons)…

Will be uploaded the file soon… ish… whenever I can be bothered to do the finishing touches. Hope you got plenty of 57702, cause it should be compatible.


One last thing before I share the files with the wider world… what should I name this mask?

What mask is this? A Huna? A Kaukau nuva? A noble kaukau? Something else?


To me it’s most reminiscent of a Kaukau Nuva or a Noble Miru



Like to my kaukau stl / obj is… HERE