Hair and Hair Style Topic


let’s talk about our hair cuts, fav hair styles, hairstyles we hate, treatments, hair dye, and all that jazz


I usually prefer my hair short. It just works better for me that way.


my hair is crazy

and it self combs when i wear a hat

yeah, Short hair for the win!

Otherwise I never want to touch my hair. Sometimes I wanna grow it long so I can have bigger bangs or a pony tail or something, but usually it’s shaggy and grown or short and nice

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Well I really try all hairstyles at least once.

I don’t usually do something fancy like pony tails and stuff I just let my hair free.
I also dye my hair oftenly, mostly in pink and blue colors.

Currently my hair is short, like that of a boy’s, but I’m planning on growing it again and dye it blue.

And as for my prefferences in boys and such I like the hair short and all, I do not like boys with long hair. I also don’t like bald boys, but I do like girls with long hair and short hair.


Oh right hairstyles I dislike…

I sorta like most hairstyles, though if it’s some sorta weird pattern I might not like it. I also sorta hate pony tails unless the hair is interesting or it’s in a variation that makes it look… right to me

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I also don’t like having my hair as a ponytail or interested in people with ponytails. I mean I kinda like having Bangs and a ponytail, but not the ponytail alone.

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I keep my hair like this:

In all seriousness, though, I keep my hair longer than most guys, but still short. I comb it to the side.


I forgot to mention pompadours are the best thing


I hate the quiff.
That is all.

My hair is currently short n’ sweet, with slight bangs to the side if i’m feeling fancy. I also got long sideburns. I’ve been told that my head is small, so I tend to grow out my hair when I have the chance.

I dislike bowl haircuts very much




Well I have natural red hair, so I guess that’s unique in some regards? Mostly I get it cut like this:

I don’t really like to be all fancy n’ stuff with my hair, preferring to keep it short, bangs brushed to the side slightly, and without any sideburns.

That’s kinda how I prefer most hairstyles really, nothing to wild, no ponytails or anything like that.

My hair is also dark brown, by the way. Almost black.


I also have natural red hair.

I like to have mine like these when I can:


My hair is a dirty blond, and i keep it sorta long, and i never brush my hair. I just leave it alone, and it looks fine.

You guys see my hair as this because I think this is a cool hairstyle.

But in reality I have a really dorky bowl cut that I try to keep as long as I can because it kind of not really looks good.


Let’s not let this topic get hairy.

In all seriousness, I’ve never liked long hair. I keep mine short. Less trouble.


Mine looks like Captain America with sideburns.

Really long sideburns.

Although it used to look like the hair piece they’ve started using for Luke Skywalker minifigures, except swept to the other side.

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I have really strange hair. It could be curly if I put gel in it, but I am suspicious of hair products.