Hair and Hair Style Topic

I like this haircut this is how I always get mine done.

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I have Real Long Hair
and it looks like I have the Ears of a Cocker Spaniel
and it is very Curly

My hair just kinda happens. Might have something to do with the fact that I almost obsessively stroke it back, but meh.

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currently, I try to keep my hair like this:

I have longer hair than I need to have.

As long as it’s not emo hair I’m cool with it.

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I wake up and however my hair is I leave it that way, I cant really do much, just try to move it to a side
most of the time is something like this

#Oh Look!

It’s my hair



You’ve probably seen it in the what do you look lke topic.

My hair looks like my avatar, though it tends to be a bit more unruly, and a bit fwoofier on the sides,

I like medium-long length hair, style doesn’t really matter as long as it has bangs in some regard, and while I don’t really plan on dyeing my own hair, I’m rather fond of ice white as a hair color.

My hair is just kinda… POOF
I dunno, I can’t control it, and it usually looks fine after an hour or so. It’s also got a weird tendency to jut out the front of my head, giving me a tiny pseudo pompadour. All attempts to remove it just result in pain and chaos.

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Being in JROTC kinda retricts the style options I have. I usually gel my hair to the side so it doesn’t get in my way, but when I’m home I let it freely flow.

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I kind of got a “hockey flow” but it’s not greasy, I need to get it cut.

I have really long wavy dark golden blond hair. I like my hair long.

I have hair.


I Didn’t know lobsters could have hair.

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I didn’t not know there is isn’t not a lot that you don’t know about Lobsters…

My brain needs a cooldown time now, thx.
######Mutters something about crustaceans and the internet

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I wish I had constant James Bond hairstyle and Ronin hairstyle (pick and choose which I can have if I so wished without doing the never done annoying thing of waiting for your hair to grow).

You know that generic anime protagonist haircut? The one with the black unkempt hair? Yeah that’s sorta what mine looks like when it gets long (My mother tries her hardest to cut it before it gets there though).

As far as preference I just like any haircut that a person can make work. If the hair just looks awkward on their head then I don’t like it. Although that being said I am ANYTHING but a hair expert so don’t mind me.

I hope this doesn’t offend people, but dyed hair reminds me of My Little Ponies.

My hair is really thick. It’s not long, but it isn’t short either. It’s just really, really thick. I usually have it up, but it’s so thick and almost “poofy” that it sometimes doesn’t stay like that.

It’s kind of like the Toa Uniter Lewa, Tahu, and Kopaka Masks. :smile: