Hair and Hair Style Topic

But what if we are MLP in disguise, but our dyed hair is the only thing we cannot hide?

Actually scratch that, I dislike MLP.

Regardless I once planned on dying my hair with tons of colors, like a rainbow, haven't done it yet though.


Oh yeah

I cut my hair

1 Like hair is curly, and is almost impossible to control unless it is totally drenched....and even then it gets out of control..and my hair is short, not super short, but it does not hang off of my head.

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Like a Rainbow Dash?



Or my Cousin/God Sister

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My hair is really long
like super long
but i recently got it cut and it looks horrible
it will grow back eventually.

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I still have hair.

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meanwhile I have my Long hair as always

Great! I was worried it had all fallen out by now.

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I got a haircut yesterday.
It was overdue.

I found out my grandpa went bald by twenty.

how does one do that

I dunno
Training in the Wilderness for too long?

It kinda makes me worried.


My dad is in his mid fifties and his hair is barely thinning.

meanwhile when I am older



this is the picture where my hair looks the best
But I do want to try something punky. I'm not saying it has to be a mohawk but... Maybe like the bloke from sunset overdrive, the default cut
also, dog-o cameo

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I have silver strands sprinkled throughout my hair.

dude what if all my hair turned silver from that one medical condition do you realize how awesome that would be


I have permanent bed head, it's never in any uniform pattern, just random bits decided they'd like to shoot up that day, even when my hair is drenched... So on lazy days there's your description. On slightly less lazy days I just fix it into the typical slightly long and brushed to the side, again because I'm lazy. :stuck_out_tongue:


My hair looks like Captain America's, but longer.

I hope for it to continue growing until it can be long enough to engulf the world in flame.

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