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Man buns ftw!

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In some cases, that is the intention. In others, it just looked good on them.

Personally, I find it odd that people would dye their hairs any natural colour, seeing as you see those everywhere, honestly, what's more eye-grabbing between brown and bright purple?

That's the thing. Most of the people who dye their hair in an unnatural color do it for attention in public. They want to be the "shock-jocks".

Please no. I remember when people used to laugh at those wigs some of the original presidents of the United States used to wear. Now we want to replicate them.

I like man buns, but I only do a man bun when I go work out.

noplz, I like having my long hair wave freely in the wind

I continue to have hair.


I just learned lack of sunlight kills hair.

And then I realized I wore my armor since birth...


Well grab a wig and depending on your gender you may have the perfect beach body

So...This is certainly a topic...

Anyway, seeing as I have come across this....I guess I will post what I do with my hair..

not really anything.

So I have thick, pretty curly hair, and I like it best when it is a couple inches long at most. Not too short, not too long. Thing is, whenever I get a haircut my mom decides that I need to have super short hair, and it ends up looking rather dumb (The shaping of my scalp, face and head don't look good with super short hair) And seeing as I have no control over this, it leaves to several awkward weeks of feeling like a idiot..


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I have the most boring-looking hair to have ever existed

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My hair just naturally curls itself

I still have sexy long hair if you guys were wondering

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My hair is better than yours. /s

In all honesty, I'm currently growing it out.

I had a beard once.

my hair is growing shaggy and atm I got a curly beard with odd copper colored hair mixed in

I got my hair cut. RIP. I like it where it was.

I'm mad my hair got cut

I'm a girl so it looks terrible short

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since when


since 4ever

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dang i never knew

what a plot twist