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t h e m o r e y o u k n o w

my life has been a lie

I let my brother cut my hair, he gave me the same haircut as him, I actually like it


My hair kind of goes all over the place

I'm also currently growing out a beard and mustache and have some major side burns going on

so on topic

that isn't necessarily true imo
i mean short hair can look pretty good on a girl,thought i guess it does depend what kind of haircut it is


some guys like short hair on girls

ofcourse everyone's entitled to how they want to style their hair(no matter if it doesn't fit them or soemthing)


I got my hair cut recently. It was shorter than normal, and I missed my hair...

When I decided to go short, I was kind of skeptical at first, until I got it cut and realized that it looked so much better. Everyone I can remember agreed as well.

my hair has been getting long and I've needed to cut it for a while


I still haven't


I have pretty short hair, but I used have hair kind of like that kid from Hone Alone, for almost my entire life. Thankfully I got it cut short when I was 15, because it really didn't look good.

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so you used to look like Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister
I wonder if you looked like him when he went throught that phase

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My parents refuse to let me have simi-long hair (about 3inches in the longest parts) so every time it finally grows back to where I like it they force me to get it cut. Not fun.

Side note, my hair is really weird, some strands are curly as all heck (look like a friggen french fry) while others are pretty much perfectly straight, which I guess adds to that "permanent bed head" I'm pretty sure I've already mentioned.

Can confirm lol

Anyway's I just have a medium haircut right now, but I do like my hair long at times.


Welcome back @BlueCel!

My sister has her hair at medium length too, and it looks really good. It's not too short, but not overwhelmingly long.

My hair has been compared to many thing, including pot scrubbers.

My hair has grown out. For those who don't know, it grows up.

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I'm still growing it out, it's almost there.

Gots me some brown hair. Gonna grow it out a bit.

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My hair is purple.

Im going to dye my hair white, why?
1. I love white
2. I am 17 and I already have a lot of white hairs
3. Why not


have long hair and I wear the style regularly, including top tail, top bun, and butterfly clip. So I wanted to see what is your opinion on the style.