Hair and Hair Style Topic

Is not very good unless you are a samurai, in which case wear it with pride.


Purple and floaty and kinda curly.

I have long, brown hair that curls itself a bit naturally near the ends. Kind of like I used a curling iron but... didn't.

For a while I've wanted to dye my hair a darker color -- black, dark purple -- with a complimentary highlight color to go with it. Only reason I haven't is my wardrobe wouldn't work with it, yet.

Usually it'll cover half my face, sometimes not. Kinda depends on the day and whether or not I went through the effort to straighten it.

I can never muster that for my own hair :stuck_out_tongue:

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I find I look better after rolling out of bed anyways.

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My hair is short and sometimes messy.
So it pretty much looks like this half the time:

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my hair is kinda short-ish and it's like way too smooth/flat it looks horrible


Short and messy. Gets kinda long for a boy's though sometimes

Here is my hair all let out. I locked my face and cropped most of the background so nothing important is shown. the focus is on the hair.


Same,bruh, same.

Grow a beard and you'll look like my brother Andy (center).

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i have almost shoulder length hair.

I used to have a fledgling beard but I then shaved it in preparation for an interview this week

Today marks the start, the start of a long road that will lead me to this hairstyle

Just imagine this in black, and with a fade on the sides
i love vikings man

I just realized that the Lego Ninjago Movie hair piece for Lloyd, if made in brown, would be the perfect Lego version of my hair in real life!

I personally have a love/hate relationship with my hair, as it tends to be very unruly. On rare occasion, such as shown in the picture, I am actually pleased with how it looks. I usually just tie it back when it's being uncooperative.

I've also considered cutting it, but I have no idea what I'd want it to be cut like. Dyeing is also something I've considered before, the most recent thought being of white, for the sole reason of cosplaying as Geralt of Rivia. My other choice colors would be black and purple.

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Same. but for different colors of dye for me would be blue or black

hairstyle for beards anyone?


I hear the Wall Guy is a good style of facial hair