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how about the squid?

I have to shave man...

or atleast stop playing with my beard,
and brush it

I'm surprised I haven't posted here yet. I have pretty long hair for a dude. I think it goes down to my shoulder blades but I'm not sure because I can't see my own back. It's pretty curly too.
Because of this, people in public always think I'm a girl. Around the ninth time I gave up keeping track of people calling me "miss" and other feminine titles like that. I'm not really offended though.

Oh also @Maquiset_the_Mad you look exactly like me but just like 6 or so years older omg.

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I have pretty long hair, past my shoulders,

When I correctly style it, hair cream and all I, look something like this.

But longer.

and better

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Sorry but you can't beat my man Reagan.


I'm honestly one of those people who has no idea what to do with their hair.

I've grown it out, had it cut short, krp the bangs, ect.

I wanted to style it like this:

Or this

However the 'rents said no.




Well, not really. I cut my hair short because apparently, you have to do something called "brushing". THen when I went to school everyone was either squealing, screaming, acting normal, or saying, "Well now you look hygienic." and then getting berated by the more decent people.

That was a month ago.

I still get, "Hey, you cut your hair!"

I don't understand.

A clean noggin looks, smells and feels nice.

I continue to have hair.

Same here.

It's nice and curly too

I recently hacked most of it of with scissors. Somewhat sad, but short hair is so freeing

After a while of it growing a little, I look more like this:

But less shiny

(and less 60s)

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I did that.... went to work the next day, and my boss ordered me to take an hour off to go get it professionally redone.

Mine is just under mid length. And I accually like dyed hair, not on my self or any other man, or old ladies (seriously, why would you do this?), but it looks good on girls.

I had mine really short for awhile, now I'm growing it out again.

I still have no idea what to do with my hair.

What hair?

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Hair continues to exist on my person

What’s a hair style? : p

More importantly what’s hair?