Halo Wars 2

Hey, everyone. I’ve been out of the community for a while (just busy with life stuff), but I still occasionally lurk the boards at least.

Anyways, I play Halo Wars 2. A lot. Like, possibly to an unhealthy degree a lot. It’s fun. And I’m pretty decent at it (Champion rank each season! Woo).

If anyone wants to play sometime (you want to get better, or just have some fun), I’m down.

XBL GT is legofan3225

I just want to get involved on the boards again, I kinda miss it. And this is what I’ve been up to that isn’t school related, lol. So… here I am.

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Shouldn’t this be moved to the Video Games category?

I would be happy to play some time.
Although we do already have a halo wars 2 topic so maybe changing this topics name to be more about playing with you to prevent confusion.

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Halo Wars 2 is the superior game 3v3 me irl

Already a topic for this:

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This is why we have a search feature. Continue this discussion over there.