Harren Kaleon, Hero of e'Lekaia

Here’s one of my oldest and most RPed characters. All the MOCs here are quite old, currently working on a modern remake for her. :slight_smile:

Harren is a character from the Tempesta Caelestis Storyline. It departs from its roots as a Bionicle fan story almost completely, and pretty much stands on its own now.

Harren Kaleon, daughter of Tazzim San’faa and Merryn Avtael, hails from the lush, verdant and wet world of Sampa Minor, one of many inhabited moons orbiting the ancient and abandoned Great Being world of Atmos Magna that forms the union of e’Lekaia (“Our Skies United”). A frontier world, Sampa Minor has only seen colonisation by Harren’s kind, the Children of Ako, in the last couple of centuries.

Harren grew up alongside two brothers, Mezzin and Rikkt, in the small village of Orgo Hul, which bordered a warm sea and vast, wooded swamplands. Her father was a priest of the Hexarc, and her mother a teacher. Following their older brother’s example, Harren and Mezzin underwent a ritual process that awakened some of their ancestral elemental powers in order to become guardians and protectors of their home.

Harren gained a heightened ability to absorb infrared radiation, and was able to manipulate water, mainly as mist. She was further augmented to be able to absorb water through a porous “second skin”, project it through her hands, and freeze it to solidify herself to protect against incoming bolts, bullets and blows. Coupled with Mezzin’s unlocked fire powers, the two made an excellent firefighting team, and served as guardians of their home village as Tokia.

Her story is a long one which I don’t really have time to go into in depth for now. I still need to write it up, and I’ll definitely be posting it here on the messageboards when I do!

She and her story both started as an original setting from the Bionicle Roleplay Club all the way back in late 2008 on MOCpages. Harren and her species have evolved more and more over time, too (I could write endlessly about their culture and biology and everything too). She’s also my main character in the superhero RPG Champions Online (alongside AU versions of Gringat and Kana, a radioactive robot lady, a pompous poltergeist and a guy made out of red putty XD)

Her first iteration, from 2009

Second iteration, 2010

Harren as she appears in her adaptive armour in Champions Online.

A more up to date version wearing a different suit.

Next to the prototype for her suit’s design, which Mindtides and I worked on together. Mindtides was one of the original people in the BRC who came up with the world and her backstory, and we’re still good friends nowadays.

A drawing of her old adaptive armour appearance by @Alieraah :slight_smile:

Another one by Sapphire Gamgee ^^


Overall good shaping, however the shin armour looks a little too sharp and hard rather than it being curved and smooth like the majority of the moc. Good work though!

Such beef. Much wow.

No seriously the bulk is pretty fantastic.

Nice to see such a bulky female moc.

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Pretty neat. The latest one looks like she has bell-bottoms :stuck_out_tongue:

Nuva boobs AND nuva butt. And I don’t mind any of it. Great moc.

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