Hedrucs - Toa of Thunder

Hedrucs - Toa of Thunder

This is another one of my old mocs who's a part of my storyline which you can read here: http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/my-bionicle-storyline/35530. Admittedly, I didn't try very hard on this moc... but then again I didn't try very hard on any of my mocs that weren't To-Kuta back then. I'm sure you guys will start to notice a trend of custom torso + inika limbs. Anyways, I first built this guy sometime in 2008. He was also a moc that was featured on my original Youtube channel. Since then he's gone through about 3 iterations, until finally assuming this form. And I know canonically Toa of Electricity are supposed to be female, which is why this guy is a Toa of Thunder. Let's just say they do the same thing. Not gonna make any changes to this guy since if I'm gonna revamp him I'm gonna start from scratch.


Not much is known about his time in the Matoran Universe. What is known, however, is that at one point in his life, he was damaged and needed repairs. He was sent to Karzahni where he was "rebuilt." Karzahni, disappointed and ashamed of the job he had done, decided to keep Hedrucs in Karzahni. While here, he befriended Fa-Matoran named Kyzor. Their time in Karzahni together would harden their friendship and make them inseparable.

When Makuta Teridax took control of the Matoran universe, Hedrucs and Kyzor were both turned into Toa by the Order of Mata Nui, who were working with the Toa Nuva to recruit Toa against Teridax. They participated in the final battle on Spherus Magna and stuck around the crash site of the Mata Nui robot to help evacuate all the other species.

When the To-Kuta attacked, Hedrucs and Kyzor fought on the front lines to protect their new home. However, as the years went on, all the other Toa were either killed or captured, the Toa were forced to flee to fight another day.

While exploring the deserts, Hedrucs and Kyzor came across an underground base. Hedrucs speculated that it was built by the Glatorian and Toa during the earlier years of the war, as it seemed untouched for many years.

While exploring the Black Spike Mountains, Hedrucs and Kyzor encounter To-Kuta Takyva. Takyva was on patrol as the To-Kuta base was built under the Black Spike Mountains. A fight ensues, which leads to Takyva being struck by a thunder bolt from Hedrucs while being distracted by Kyzor. Just as Takyva is about to be executed, Shadios, the leader of the To-Kuta in the region intervenes, and paralyzes both Toa with his elemental power of Fear. The To-Kuta leaves Takyva to finish them off. He instead spares them as he was having doubts about fighting in this war.

After a couple of weeks, Takyva, using the elemental energy tracker, finds the two Toa. Takyva pitches the idea of uniting to them and they agree. The Toa bring Takyva and the Glatorian to an underground base they discovered. Hedrucs mentions that there is a second level deeper underground, which neither he nor Kyzor have managed to open.

Some time passes as Takyva recruits Toa Reishie and Toa Nhytrix. To-Kuta, ambush the Toa and Takyva at the underground base, soon overpowering them. However just as they are about to win, a mysterious force teleports the To-Kuta away, saving the Toa’s lives. In the aftermath of this, the Toa discover that the door to the second sublevel had been unlocked.

While exploring the sublevel, the Toa discover that it was in fact, an armoury, that had suspiciously been stocked with weapons custom tailored to each of the Toa, except for Reishie. Hedrucs receives a new sword.

Currently, the Toa prepare for their final battle against the To-Kuta of the region.

Masks and Tools

As a Matoran, Hedrucs wore a Noble Kanohi Kiril, a mask which he had since his creation. When he was turned into a Toa, his Noble Kanohi turned into Great Kanohi.

When Hedrucs first became a Toa, he was given a Lightning Spear by the OoMN, which allowed him to conduct his elemental powers through it and shoot lightning bolts. However Hedrucs would note that he didn't like using the weapon because he was "not a spear person." During the early stages of the To-Kuta War, the spear was damaged and Hedrucs discarded it.

After discovering an underground Glatorian armoury, Hedrucs discovers a sword with electric cells built into the blade. These cells, combined with Hedrucs's element allows him to deliver electrified slashes.

Abilities and Traits

His time in Karzahni has had a great affect on his personality, for better or worse. Because of it, he always tries to remain optimistic because "he got enough negative thoughts and emotions while in that hell." Hedrucs enjoys small victories whenever he can. However Hedrucs has a habit of overindulgence and gets distracted because of this.

As a Toa of Thunder, Hedrucs has the ability to create and absorb electric energies. Hedrucs can draw power from thunder storms through the conductors built into his armour close to his shoulders. During the period when he didn't have a weapon, he would electrify his fist to give "tasing" punches

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I like how it looks but it looks like a Toa of stone imo

The legs are too dark compared to the rest of the body, otherwise I like this.

The keetorange and gold work surprisingly well, but I think more dark gray would look better than the silver on the body and legs.

It, uh, cuts off at abilities and traits.

@Ghidora131 haven't typed it out yet LOL

Reminds me a bit too much of Mata Nui and the gold on the legs looks out of place compared to the rest of the moc

I don't like how the legs are gold, while the rest is keetorange.

Update: added abilities and traits

Also, what do you guys think about the idea of me revamping him to take out the gold and making him white and keetorange?