My Bionicle Storyline

Hey everyone! Totally new here but seeing as how this is a Bionicle-related community I thought it’d be a perfect place to talk about my storyline and show off my MoCs!

Anyways, I figured I’d start by talking about my storyline. For starters, it’s supposed to be a fanmade continuation of the G1 Bionicle storyline. There’s an overarching theme of the MU inhabitants - specifically the Toa, inheriting Spherus Magna and coming to fulfill the role of the Great Beings. Essentially every arc, every challenge the Toa face are stepping stones along their path to ascension. And along the way, the Great Beings secretly have a hand in everything.

So far I’ve come up with three arcs: the To-Kuta War, the Aftermath and the Revelation

The premise of the first arc is The Shadowed One, upon landing on SM with the rest of the MU inhabitants, broke into a Great Beings laboratory in Bota Magna to create a new army of Dark Hunters that he would lead to conquer SM. He creates Toa/Makuta hybrids, dubbed the To-Kuta, who possess the strength and size of the Makuta and the discipline and elemental powers of the Toa. Toa-dominant To-Kuta would be smaller and can use their elemental abilities and kanohi powers more liberally, while Makuta-dominant To-Kuta would be larger and have more access to Kraata powers but less access to elemental and kanohi powers. They betray TSO and try to take over the planet themselves. Their attack is three pronged: a third of the To-Kuta would travel to the Mata Nui robot crash site, a third would travel to New Atero, and the rest would remain in Bota Magna to discover the rest of the secrets.

The first arc is divided into three sub-arcs. The first part of the first arc deals with the To-Kuta who traveled to the MN robot crash site. The arc starts out with Takyva, To-Kuta of Vibration (Takyva - To-Kuta of Vibration), defecting from the rest of the To-Kuta. While roaming the desert, he meets a Glatorian (Nhytrix - Toa of Ice) who encourages him to unite the remaining Toa. Takyva then runs into Hedrucs, Toa of Thunder (Hedrucs - Toa of Thunder), and Kyzor, Toa of Magnetism (Kyzor - Toa of Magnetism), whom he recruits. Hedrucs brings them to their underground base, which they speculate is a Glatorian base built in the early stages of the To-Kuta war. The base has a sublevel which they cannot unlock. Takyva recruits two more Toa, Reishie, Toa of Jungle (Reishie - Toa of Plantlife), and Nytrix, Toa of Ice (Nhytrix - Toa of Ice). At this point the To-Kuta ambush the Toa at the base and almost defeat the Toa. But then they’re mysteriously teleported away. At this time, the Toa realize the sublevel has been unlocked, and they decide to explore. Turns out the sublevel was an armory. They meet the spirit of Mata Nui in the armory and find out he was the one that teleported the To-Kuta away. All the Toa receive new weapons and Takyva dons the Mask of Life. The Toa take their new weapons to the To-Kuta base, which was built by Rokhyd, To-Kuta of Stone (Rokhyd - To-Kuta of Stone), to try and defeat them once and for all. It doesn’t work. Takyva gets killed, Shadios, the leader of the To-Kuta in the region (Shadios - To-Kuta of Fear) steals the Mask of Life and unlocks this new ability called the “Life Hand.” Essentially it’s a Shadow Hand imbued with the element of Life and allows Shadios to absorb anybody’s life force just by grabbing them. While retreating, Reishie finds out he can deflect the Life Hand using Mata Nui’s sword, which Mata Nui gifted to him in the armory earlier. The Toa’s moral is completely destroyed and they lose hope of ever winning this war. Reishie rallies the Toa and they again return to the To-Kuta base. This time, while using different tactics, the Toa manage to beat the other To-Kuta while Reishie takes on Shadios himself. During the fight, Shadios’s connection with the Mask of Life becomes destabilized, and the Mask rejects him, weakening him. Takyva is revived and Shadios is defeated. The To-Kuta are imprisoned and the region is freed. One To-Kuta, Brymstin, To-Kuta of Fire (Brymstin - To-Kuta of Fire) manages to flee during the final fight and is never seen again.

The second sub-arc deals with the To-Kuta who traveled to New Atero. This faction is lead by Takyvron, Takyva’s younger twin brother. The first half is from a new character’s point of view. This new character is Lancaster, To-Kuta of Magnetism, Takyva’s best friend, and my self moc. You find out that the To-Kuta of this region are being harassed by a team of Toa: Cynhika, Toa of Water (Cynhika - Toa of Water), Hirignhis, Toa of Fire (Hirgnhis - Toa of Fire), Nihilau, Toa of Air (Nihilau - Toa of Air), and a Toa of Earth who I haven’t come up with a name for yet. These Toa use cheap tactics like hit and run and outnumbering the To-Kuta to ensure their survival during battles. At the command of Takyvron, Lancaster and another To-Kuta - Vernix, To-Kuta of Stone - devise an ambush for the Toa. Vernix kills the Toa of Earth, which causes Cynhika to go into a frenzy. She recklessly attacks Vernix and almost gets killed herself. Witnessing this, as well as being under Takyvron’s brutal leadership, causes Lancaster to begin considering defecting from the To-Kuta. At this point, Brymstin shows up and tells Takyvron about Takyva’s betrayal and Shadios’s defeat. Takyvron kills Brymstin for being a coward and fleeing that final battle, and begins preparing to attack Takyva and his Toa. Lancaster uses this opportunity to secretly run away and join his best friend. Along the way, Lancaster encounters Cynhika and her team, and encourages them to join Takyva as well. She tells him she’ll think about it, since she doesn’t trust Lancaster.

Back at the MN robot crash site, the Toa, Glatorian, Agori and Matoran begin building a settlement close to the Glatorian armory the Toa are residing in. Lancaster shows up and is attacked by the Toa, but he easily overpowers them. Explaining that he’s on their side, he asks to be taken to Takyva. Lancaster warns Takyva and the rest of the Toa that Takyvron is on his way and that the Toa need to prepare. The Toa intercept Takyvron and his faction at a canyon far from the settlement. The Toa are ambush and would’ve all been killed if it weren’t for the intervention of Cynhika and her team. The Toa retreat back to the settlement to regroup. At the settlement, Takyva’s team and Cynhika’s team introduce themselves to each other for the first time. Cynhika obviously doesn’t like Takyva and you find out it’s because he looks very similar to his twin brother Takyvron, who has caused Cynhika a lot of pain. Anyways, the Toa talk tactics on how to beat the To-Kuta and prepare for the final battle of the sub-arc. The final battle begins outside the Matoran/Agori settlement. Cynhika kills Vernix, Takyvron kills Cynhika, Nihilau tries to avenge Cynhika and gets killed. The Toa manage to get two other To-Kuta to kill each other by tricking them into aiming their most powerful attacks at each other. Lancaster fatally wounds Takyvron but gets killed in the process. Takyvron, in his last moment, blows past the remaining Toa, making his way to the settlement to try and take as many Matoran and Agori lives as he can before he himself dies. He’s caught off guard as all the Matoran and Agori are outfitted with weapons, and he gets attacked by Vahki, which Lancaster reactivated at an earlier point. All this distracts Takyvron for long enough that Takyva can deliver the finishing blow to him.

The final part of the first arc deals with the Toa fighting against the To-Kuta from Bota Magna. I haven’t really figured out how the arc begins yet, but something causes Takyva to go off on his own to confront the Bota Magna To-Kuta by himself. He goes to Bota Magna where he encounters two warriors that look and fight exactly like Lancaster. The fight is stopped by Eyrik, the first To-Kuta, who suspiciously greets Takyva with open arms. He explains that he’s the only To-Kuta left in Bota Magna, as the rest were either killed or absorbed by Eyrik himself. Eyrik explains that he found a Kanohi Olmak and had been using it to steal Lancasters from other dimensions, and brainwashing them to be mindless soldiers using a Toa of Psionics that he imprisoned. Eyrik goes on to explain that he will be leaving soon, as he has plans to merge with Eyriks of alternate universes to try and take over the whole Multiverse. He then says that if Takyva let’s him, he’ll spare this universe and leave behind an army of Lancasters for Takyva to use in case any other threats come their way. Takyva, who at this point is beyond tired of fighting, hesitantly accepts and Eyrik disappears. A couple of weeks pass and the Lancasters go rogue, killing all the Toa, Matoran, Glatorian and Agori at the settlement. Takyva, angered that he let this happen, kills all the Lancasters. At this point, the Lancaster from the prime universe reveals himself. You find out that he transferred his consciousness to another, weaker, temporary body prior to the final fight from the last arc. He then uses parts from the dead Lancasters to construct himself a new body. At this point, a dark cloud appears in the sky, as Eyrik had returned to begin his ritual to ascension. He summons multiple portals using the Olmak and sends Shadow Hands through each, absorbing alternate versions of him from other universes. After this, he assumes a titanic form, multiple stories tall. Takyva and Lancaster charge into battle against Eyrik. Takyva eventually uses the Mask of Life’s energy to revert Eyrik back to his regular form. Eyrik and Takyva have a final showdown that’s like super throwback-y because throughout the fight, Takyva summons weapons from his fallen allies to use against Eyrik. Eyrik is defeated but everyone else is still dead as well. At this point, Mata Nui’s spirit, which is still residing in the Mask Of Life that Takyva wears, tells Takyva that there’s a way to bring them back. Over the last 3 arcs, the Mask of Life had been collecting and preserving the spirits of allies that had died nearby to Takyva, and had been collecting “imprints” of those whose spirits could not be collected. Mata Nui explains that if he and Takyva combine their life forces with the imprints the Mask of Life collected, then everyone could be revived. Takyva accepts and sacrifices himself. Everyone comes back to life (I’m actually revamping a bunch of my Toa mocs right now. The idea is their original form is what they look like before they died, and their revamped form is what they look like after Takyva revived them) and Lancaster builds himself a new body again.

The second arc deals with the Aftermath of the To-Kuta war. This is supposed to be a sort of slower arc, where the remaining Toa lick their wounds and start trying to rebuild the planet. Along the way they encounter the rogue, mentally unstable Toa of Psionics, Cerali, who doesn’t trust the rest of the Toa. She was the Toa of Psionics that Eyrik imprisoned to brainwash the Lancasters. She was forced to torture the minds of the alternate Lancasters to the point of their breaking, but in the process her psyche was shattered too because she had to deal with what she was putting them through. When she was freed by Takyva she became disillusioned, believing that the Toa were useless since she had to be saved by a To-Kuta. Because she tortured Lancasters from alternate realities, she has a mental breakdown whenever she sees the prime universe Lancaster. But this is important because it is through her interactions with the prime universe Lancaster that she is able to find peace.

I’m planning to throw in a Skakdi or Vortixx rebellion in between this arc and the next but I’m not too sure yet.

The third arc is supposed to be when everything comes together. You find out that (spoiler alert) Velika is the mastermind behind everything that’s happened. He orchestrated the creation of the To-Kuta, he turned the Toa of Psionics against the rest of the Toa, and now he’s come back with an even greater threat: a revived and brainwashed Takyva who has the ability to use his elemental powers in new and unique ways, making the two of them unstoppable. For those of you that don’t know, in the official G1 storyline, Velika was a great being who transferred his consciousness to the body of a Matoran to observe the inner workings of the MU firsthand. Along the way you find out that’s he’s motivated by the atrocities he’s seen in the MU. After living through Teridax’s reign, he believes the MU inhabitants are selfish and would do more harm to the planet than good, which is why he’s been creating these villains to fight the Toa to prove to the rest of the Great Beings that the Toa are unfit to inherit SM.

Eventually, I’d like the storyline to evolve to a point where some of the Toa gain so much mastery and control over their elemental powers (probably by reading some ancient Great Beings scripture that makes the Toa aware of the extent that they can use their powers) that they kind of become the new elemental lords of Spherus Magna as well. Like for example, my self-Moc Lancaster, being a “Toa” of Magnetism would eventually be able to control the magnetic fields of Spherus Magna. Takyva, being a “Toa” of Vibrations would eventually be able to control kinetic energy itself.

I know it may be a little cheesy and cliche at some points, but it’s pretty important to me because all the MoCs I build are supposed to be characters from this storyline that I came up with. During my time here I’m gonna be showing off the MoCs that I built and talk about how they play into the storyline. But for now, what do you guys think about my story?


Edit: at the first mention of a new character, I added a link leading to that character’s bio