Shadios - To-Kuta of Fear

This is another one of my old mocs, one of my oldest, actually. He was first built back in 2008 and featured on my original YouTube channel. This is his current form which I built sometime in early 2016 (I think). I had initially built this guy to be a constant adversary, an arch nemesis to Takyva. Back when my storyline (My Bionicle Storyline) was really rough and lacked direction, one thing remained consistent: Takyva would lead the Toa, and Shadios would lead the Makuta. As the years passed and my storyline became more refined, this guy would come to adopt a lesser role of only being the leader of the bad guys from the first third of the first arc of my storyline.

Bio coming soon!



I like the way you designed the shadow kraata area.

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Very nice, looks like it could be set quality. Great job.

very cool. Looks like how i would imagine how a toa of shadow would look.

Funny that you mention that because his original version just looked like a really bad dwarf Makuta Icarax

Yeah, this version reminded me a little of Makuta Icarax.

I’m gonna do a short review on this.


  • Nice, consistent color scheme.
  • Barely any clashing textures.
  • The legs, IMO, are the best part of this MOC.
  • The awesome covering of the ball in the middle with armor.
  • Nice hands! I love how you made them connect!
  • Good mask choice.


  • The Av-Matoran arms on the upper arms. They make it looks REALLY bad, especially with the open ball and socket. It also constricts arm movement from what I can see.
  • Torso has an open socket. Try to fill it with something.
  • The weapon attachment on the right hand needs some work.Dunno why the blaster needs to go under the Makuta’s left arm, either, but that isn’t a con per se.
  • While the covering for the ball is cool, it also looks like an illegal building technique. Some of the pieces look very stressed.
  • Gappy Icarax connection in the waist.
  • Not a fan of the light reds sprinkled around in some of the connections.

I think you wanted to say TOA-Kuta of Fear.

why use mistika blasters??

Because I like them

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