Rokhyd - To-Kuta of Stone

This is another one of my old mocs. I don’t intend on posting any of my new mocs until I’ve shared all my old ones so buckle in because more inika builds are on the way!
The history of this guy is a tragic cycle of “hmm I should build a brown moc since I don’t have one” to “I need parts so I’m gonna take apart this brown moc.” Every time he’s been disassembled and rebuilt, he’s still maintained a pretty similar silhouette. This is his current form, which I built sometime in 2015 (I think). Story wise, he’s probably the most underdeveloped character I have. Hell, all the bad guys from the first third of the first arc are underdeveloped. You guys can read about my storyline here: My Bionicle Storyline


Rokhyd is one of the 100 To-Kuta created in a Great Beings laboratory in Bota Magna to aid The Shadowed One in his conquest of Spherus Magna. In the early years of his creation, he, along with all the other To-Kuta were trained and disciplined by The Shadowed One. During this time, the To-Kuta developed a complacent nature towards anybody deemed stronger than them, as The Shadowed One was strict, and punished everyone that stepped out of line.

During this time, the To-Kuta encountered the Marendar, who had found them by tracking their usage of elemental powers. Ultimately, 27 To-Kuta were slain fighting against the Marendar, however it would be Takyva’s twin brother Takyvron who finally defeats the robot. The robot’s body would then be reverse engineered to create Lancaster, To-Kuta of Magnetism.

As their training continued, the To-Kuta realized their combined strength surpassed The Shadowed One’s. Deciding not to play second fiddle any more, the To-Kuta combined their powers, vanquishing The Shadowed One and allowing Eyrik to seize control of the To-Kuta.

Following the defeat of the The Shadowed One, the To-Kuta began planning for their own conquest of Spherus Magna. The conquest would be three-pronged: 20 To-Kuta would travel to the crash site of the Great Spirit robot to defeat the Toa still evacuating , 20 To-Kuta would travel to New Atero, and the rest would travel further into Bota Magna. The isolated Skakdi and Vortixx populations would be left alone. A tournament was held to determine the three strongest To-Kuta to lead these expeditions. Eyrik, proving to be the strongest, would remain in Bota Magna where the largest threats lie. Takyvron would achieve second strongest, a position he was very proud of. He would lead an expedition to New Atero, where the To-Kuta theorized would have the largest Toa resistance. And Shadios, another To-Kuta, being third strongest, would lead the To-Kuta to the crash site.

Over the next 500 years, a war would rage on on Spherus Magna, with lives being lost on both sides.


I like the torso design.

I like it. I’m not sure about how well the Carapar armor works with the rest of the colors, and the legs look kind of open on the back, but it looks very good.

Genius idea to combine the what’s-that-mask-called with a Piraka skull. Looks absolutely terrifying.

The back leg design feels unnecessary, but still a good build from the past.
The color distribution works fine and a back shot would be nice.

@Rocka99 unfortunately I don’t have that many brown armor pieces, so any brown moc I build is gonna be a cesspool of different shades of brown
@Huichelaar Thank you but I can’t claim credit for it. Tbh there have probably been people doing it since the mask first came out
@Square Good call on the back shot, that’s something I should add. The back leg design was the best substitute I could come up with for the titan pistons, since I didn’t have any ball joints at the time (I still barely have any since I use them so much!"