Heelys, those Shoes that were like Roller Skates

Please, please, please for the love of anything tell me I'm not the only person who still wears these.

For real though, these things are amazingly useful if you can actually use them correctly.


I remember seeing commercials for them...

I used to use these, my pair doesn't fit me anymore though =P * searches amazon *. Though this would fit better under the Other category wouldn't it?

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It is my life goal to bring these back.
We must! For the evolution of man kind!


Man, these were hipster shoes before hipsters were a thing.


maybe one day I will own a pair of these.

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I wanted one, but my mom would not allow me nor my brother to have them.

She said that people who wore them would get messed up feet. She said it was because of the way the wheels curve to your foot is unnatural and can mess with your walking patterns when not wearing these shoes. So that's why I never got them. Whether or not my mom is right, I understand her reasoning.

But, since I never wore them, I can be no judge on that matter. So, Rise, how were these shoes? Did they ever become uncomfortable at times? Did you need to take off the shoes to relax every now and then? How long could you stay in motion? Was it difficult to run in them? What would happen if you stepped in dog poop in them? How would you wash your shoes? Did the quality last as long as a normal shoe would have? Did the quality of the wheel hold up? How much difference in cost was it for you to get the shoes? Is there anything you would change about the shoes to make them better or more cool? Since it's 2015, and Hovering technology is soon to be introduced, do you support the idea of hover shoes?

And, final question, What shoe brand do you buy from?


I got some a long time ago as a present, but I could never get the hang of them. Also at the time i was still in school, and it was against the rules to wear something like that.

I used to have a pair, but never learned how to skate with them.

Also, I remember seeing a commercial for these a few weeks ago. Looks like they're still around, just not advertised much stuck_out_tongue

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Never got them.

Never wanted them.

I knew people who had them, though.

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If I had them in a size that fit forever, they would never come off.



Same here. I still kind of want to learn, but I outgrew them years ago. :-/

Really wanted to try these but never got any ='(

The idea is pretty brilliant though if you could master walking and skating with them...

I still see these shoes occasionally, but only on pre-teens.

I think they still exist in stores, but are only sold to children sizes.

They still have adult sizes in their online store. I'm thinking of getting another pair of these to replace my old ones.


Oh this brings back memories! I loved these things. I haven't worn any in years though.

I haven't seen anyone wearing them recently. They were a fad back in the day. It was hard to go anywhere without seeing someone riding around.


I remember these, never had them, and can't stand them lol

I'm going to bully you so hard for this.



Bring it on.
I love Heelys.


I always wanted those as a kid. Now I'm pretty sure, I would have fallen non-stop.