Help me make an alien MOC! Round Two

Welcome back ladies and gentlemen to Dr Zekesters crazy science lab of generic engineering and total legitimacy™. In this topic you, yes YOU, will help me to create a new species./s

"How do I participate?"
You can participate by suggesting the environmental factors of the creature’s habitat. The 10 suggestions with the most likes at the end of the month will be the ones I pick. Then I will build a MOC that represents a species that is perfectly adapted to the environment you described. The MOC will probably be finished three weeks after I stop taking suggestions.

ExampleUser: I want the creature to live in a cave near its home planets mantel.

When @ExampleUsers suggestion gets enough likes to be chosen by me, the creature I will build will be adapted to live in a dark, hot cave.

There are four rules:
a) Don’t be too specific
b) If the two, or more, of the suggestions I will pick contradict each other, I will kick out the one with fewer likes will be kicked out. When they tie, I’m out of luck.
c) Only suggest environmental factors, do not make direct suggestions, please.
d) One person can submit up to two suggestions.

Results of round one:

I hope you like this idea. Please leave (constructive) criticism and your suggestion below

How about an alien Knight, which is a centaur, except with crab parts rather than horse parts?

yeah idk random suggestion


Sorry but:

Do you want to make another, valid suggestion?

Oh RIP, NVM then :stuck_out_tongue:

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What does NVM stand for?

Never mind.

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Ok. Thank you.

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How 'bout a creature that lives in an environment consisting of floating islands? (this was obviously inspired by some of the G3 concept art stuffs).

Also, are we allowed to submit more than one idea?

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Maximal two.

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Very well, then for my second suggestion I would like to see a creature which resides in an environment filled with giant ice spikes, much like @Oomatu’s art here:


Ok. Thank you for your participation. Shall I notify you when the MOC is finished?

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Yeah, sure.

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Suggestion No.1: Lives where rocks fall, so a hard shell cough armor cough helps

Suggestion No.2: lives on a planet where gravity is very strong.

Have fun!!!


what if it was genetically engineered?

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How about it lives in a shallow ocean?

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@Omega_Tahu , @Omega_Tahu: Thank you for participating.

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  1. A metropolis bustling with business, forcing the inhabitants to step up to a level of class and dignity in an aristocratic manner.

  2. A post-apocalyptic wasteland where the only thing that grows which is edible are mangosteens.


Thank you for participating.

  1. small pack living predator living in very dense and tall vegetation on a planet with lower gravity than on Earth.

  2. water world completely submerged beneath multiple kilometer deep water.

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Thank you for your participation.