Helryx | BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First

The first Toa and leader of the Order of Mata Nui.

The front/side/back and breakdown shots can be found here:



This robot rocks


Oh snap this is really threatening my current no.1 contender. I just might have to switch my first choice! This is amazing! :open_mouth:

The joints look really frail by Bionicle standards but that really suits Helryx IMO.

I’d just say that maybe add a bit more of a crest at the back of her head like with the Toa Metru eyepieces. Personally I feel like that can invoke a sort of “tied up hair bun” silhouette that works well for female MoCs. Either that or a classic Mata skull would be great too, the eyes just look better with that.

I have to criticise the illegal build for the mace head, as nice as it looks I feel like there has to be a better way.

I was going to object to the inclusion of the brown mace shaft and shield pieces. Colour-wise, it looks good contrasting with the blue, but it made it seem like she was using wood, which I believe is unprecedented for Toa Tools. That being said, I feel like it would be a cool feature if Helryx had something like a Protosteel core mace shaft with a wooden exterior for some added lightness, since there are still trees in the Matoran Universe that could be used.

I like how you’ve matched the grate-like texture of the Gahlok shield to the pieces on her shoulders and groin, and even to some extend the placeholder Hau mask.



yeah you have my vote


This looks great!!! I love how well the pieces on the torso flow into eachother!!!

You may have a vote… well done and best of luck!!!


Nice Helryx!:smiley:


Yeah I am adding this to my list of top favorites. This is just slick.


I think the Toa from the art contest (was it Nikila? You know, the lightning Toa) had a wooden weapon.

This MOC is just… wow. The textures are disturbingly well-integrated and distributed, and it lacks almost any gaps, as well as perfectly representing her description. I am impressed.


Definitely in my top 3 Helryx mocs so far.


Ohhhh Really sleek design! I love the color use and the shield!


This is a really impressive build, especially with how seamlessly the Hunas fit with the Gahlok claw. Very nice!


Easily top 3 so far.


I really want to like this moc because it has a lot of good things going for it but at a first glance you can tell there more than a few suspect joint connections, and looking at the breakdown photos just confirms it. The single bar-clip connection for the elbow, the way the thumb is angled off, the entirety of the shoulder being essentially an illegal clip connection, i think that ankle is basically held by a single stud connection etc… it really holds this back for me. Most important of all though, it’s the extreme lack of articulation for the arms. I know in the course of moccing that armor and structures can get in the way of ideal articulation, but this one is too extreme for me I’m afraid. Some basic articulation is indispensable for a Bionicle moc imo.


@WholesomeGadunka Thanks for the feedback! Just to clarify though, the thumb is only bent out like that for the pose and the elbows and ankles are actually fairly sturdy. As for the shoulders you can reposition the Exoforce hands for different poses. I just figured most people now days build things for display, so posability wasn’t a huge concern when building her.

Very cool MOC! Proportions nicely show “frailness”, however, I think that feet should be made from Mata feet, because: 1) toes look strange on the Toa; 2) Mata feet will make this MOC closer to the truth Mata build.

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Really like this one some super cool and creative techniques in here

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this is amazing! how does everything fit so perfectly together?

I love the distribution of mata blue here. and the dark grey really gives off that classic lego “worn” look, which is really fitting for Helryx’s experienced armor. The eyes in this pic presented are at just the right angle:)

Great MOC! I especially love how used the Kanohi as shoulders!

I like the feet, but thats about it.