Helryx - Canon Contest #1: The First

Here is my entry for the Helryx contest. It has been a while since I’ve posted and I wanted to pump something out before the contest ends. I tried to make the moc as frail as possible and made it pretty tall and gave it odd proportions to give off a rough template feel. Enjoy!

Without mace and shield:

Without Mask:

Helryx breakdown:


I love the skeletal feel of the body, it looks like a prototype for a mata style build. I love the design of the mace, it looks perfectly cartoony, all of the tubes and gears make it look like it is from 2001.

well done and best of luck!


The mace is simple, but effective. I’m glad I’m not the only one who pictured Helryx as tall & lanky.

Edit: I just noticed how she holds the mace: extremely clever! Much better than holding it Krakua-style, and it allows for finger articulation.

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Ohhh I love the secondary color, it’s one I hadn’t thought of before but it’s a nice combo

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This one took one of my votes, in what I consider the toughest bracket.

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