Helryx, Leader of the Order (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Contest day’s finally here! I’ve been feverishly revamping my version of Helryx in preparation, so here she is!

Watch this video for a more in-depth look at my version of Helryx as well as my thoughts on my design decisions:

Just a few notes: The contest states that the head is just a placeholder, but FYI, this head is intended to be a custom mask (Hordika Rau + Kiina Helmet)

Also, fins are canon! Just because her appearance doesn’t describe her having them, doesn’t mean she couldn’t have had them!

Some group shots:

“She was not Makuta, but she was indescribably ancient and disturbingly frail in appearance. Her mask and armor were pitted and scarred from a thousand battles. She looked like a Toa, but her armor and mask design didn’t resemble anything Takanuva had ever seen before.”
— Narrator, Swamp of Secrets

Size comparison w/ Toa Inika


Here’s a full tutorial as well:

Thanks for checking out my entry, please let me know what you think!

If any of these pictures aren’t sufficient to meet the contest requirements, please let me know!

Link to the rules topic:


Awesome build, diggin the wings big time!


You my friend may have just earned yourself a vote.


I don’t know if I’d describe her weapon here as a mace, let alone a spiked mace. She also seems maybe comically buff for a character described as disturbingly frail.

I guess I can let the buff/frail thing go, because the frailty is implied in the Ask Greg thread to be due to battle damage, and this design might be Helryx in her prime, but that weapon just doesn’t sit right to me.


So Takanuva and the Toa Hagah just had no idea that she had wings? Seems like an odd design choice for a character the predates all other wingless Toa.
Fantastic build, but the stature, weapon, and wings aren’t very… Helryx.


I absolutely love the design of the torso and how it flows into the shoulders…best of luck!


My favorite posted so far, and of course I’m going to support the creator of KONKS! Very much the design that comes to mind when Helryx is pictured. Best of luck Connor!


The build is fantastic and the head design is unique and really well done, 10/10.


This is awesome! Out of the entries posted so far, I really, really like this one from both a canon and pure aesthetic standpoint - although the weapon designs haven’t convinced me and the “frail” build is a slight concern.

Personally, I will almost definitely be entering the “mask design” part of the contest (the artwork) - the way you’ve used Kiina’s helmet in particular is really cool and makes for a great inspiration.

I also love the blue pieces around the legs that almost look like cloth - if anyone in the Bionicle universe is going to have access to something as fragile and ancient as that, it would be the first toa. The fins are a bit weird, but they’re not too jarring and I could grow to quite like them.

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This is amazing. It feels complex to look at, but it’s simple enough to be easy to build, on top of it looking great. Unless something really blows me out of the water, I’m rooting for you!

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I registered on the Board just leave this comment!
What an amazing entry, you managed to improve the build with new post G1 pieces, yet keeping the overall outlook of a G1 titan. The build is quite complex, but doesn’t look like the mishmash of different pieces. The weakest part feels to be the shield, however, I can not express how much I adore the use of Hordika Mask (I know it’s not the final form), however it’s an excellent representation, for those who don’t have a 3D printer at their backyard. Looks feminine enough, yet not over exaggerating.

Wish you best of luck!


Really love this version! It’s also super cool to see the inner-workings of that build

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I wouldn’t say they had no idea, per se. Perhaps they just weren’t mentioned in the description? Or you could say she had them folded behind her back, and thus, weren’t visible at the time. Like I said in the post, it’s possible in canon for Toa of Water to have fins. (Hahli Mahri) Use your imagination! :smiley:

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This is the best Helryx I’ve ever seen!
even if you don’t win I think when I make a Helryx I’ll base it off of Yours!
the only thing I would do differently is that I would leave out the fins and make the wepon look more like a mace.
But other than that I think its great!

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Watch this video for a more in-depth look at my version of Helryx: