Helryx MOC (BIONICLE Canon Contest #1: The First)

Here’s my take on what Helryx looks like! I hadn’t built a Bionicle moc in a few years before this, so big thanks to TTV for hosting this contest and inspiring me to design with bionicle parts again!

I thought it would be fun for her shield to be the Unity Duty Destiny symbol, as she serves as the leader of the Order of Mata Nui! I drew inspiration from different toa build styles, but ultimately made a custom torso. I envisioned her as thin for a Toa, but well armored. Now for some action poses!

Here are a couple breakdown photos, but I originally designed her on stud.io, so I’ll provide the link to download that first. (Hopefully that works!)
Helryx.io - Google Drive
I used a couple parts from this pack of Bionicle pieces not included with stud.io: Reddit - Dive into anything

Additionally, here’s a size comparison between her and other Toa of Water!

Credit and thanks to Galva_ for the mask: Mask of Psychometry by Galva - Thingiverse
I hope you like my entry, participating in this contest has been fun!


That shield is an utterly brilliant idea.


Awesome shield!


That three virtutes shield is such a great addition!


I know others have said this, but that shield is amazing!

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You get my like for the shield idea… well played, mate… well played…!

No, actually the build itself is quite well done aswell.

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The build is good, but my favorite part would have to be the way the two metro blue tusk beaches on the chest mirror the mask so well. Good job.


I love the whole moc! Also do I have permission to make a udd shield as well for my entry with entirely different parts of course? I’ll give you credit for the idea.

I know you’ve probably heard this plenty before, but that shield truly is utterly spectacular. I really like the mace as well.

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The moc is great, but as everyone have said the logo on the shield is incredible!


That shield is so good!

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Thank you so much! That was actually one of my main ideas/inspirations when starting to design it.

@Sokoda Thanks so much! I really like your entry too, your mocs are always awesome! I voted for your Ideas project and I’m really hoping it gets made (I’m sure you hear that all the time, haha)

@BionicleBoss Thank you! I don’t know if that’s allowed per the rules of the contest, and unless you were intending to do something similar before seeing my entry, it feels like it’s not in the spirit of the contest. It would also cause confusion if anyone is just skimming through pictures without reading the text, so no, sorry. Feel free to use it outside of the contest though!

Please don’t triple post. -Eljay

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LOVE the shield so much. I’ve had the same idea for years, but never figures out how to get it to work. Nice to see someone bring it to fruition.

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Thank you so much! I’m happy you like them

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k thanks

The is pretty nice very good ideaemphasized text

I always thought that Helryx’s shield should have the UDD symbol.

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I am in love with that shield.

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I feel like I’ve seen that shield design some where before.

Everyone can’t stop talking about the shield but it’s just that brilliant! xD This one definately leans more metru with the use of silver. The mace isn’t so overly abstracted which is nice. That Ga-Kal chest feels really appropriate. Excellent choice of mask. Well done:)

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