Helryx the First (Canon Contest #1: The First) - Poor Disadvantaged

Helryx had several, perhaps contradictory, characteristics that supplied lots of ideas to work with:
Formidable yet vulnerable, she’s one of the most powerful Toa, who rejects a Toa’s greatest power.

I pretty much aimed for what I wish (as I often do) Helryx could’ve looked like: someone who’s imposing, battle-worn, elegant/regal and sinister all at once!

The scratched/spiked Knights Kingdom pauldrons and the layers of cloth were both integral for this build, as they supported all the aspects I was going for.

I made her especially thin and skeletal around the limbs, ribcage, waist and feet (originally used on Construction Deva’s Helryx), and attempted to emulate bandages with tires.

All this contrasts with (and complements, I hope) her overall fearsome look, and of course the ridiculous size of her mace;
In accordance with the laws of anime: a character’s power is directly proportional to the size of their weapon, no?

Breakdown Photos:

Helryx and her Shield:


Comments and criticism are welcome, best of luck to the other participants!


Wow, that looks epic!


This is so awesome…

It’s like Dark Souls Helryx.


Amazing interpretation!

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As soon as I saw the head sans-mask, I had to smile.

This MOC is very good, I especially appreciate the use of the printed piece (from Elves, I presume?) and sword in the battle-skirt. My only worry is that people will be turned off from this one since it looks so different from the rest of Bionicle, though that’s the main reason I personally like it.


Really digging the darker color scheme and the oversized weapons on this one.

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Thanks guys!

@darkbrick999 Cheers friend, exploded pictures are always especially embarrassing for me ahaha.

Yeah, it’s from some Elves set.
I know it’s the most egregious non-Bionicle part, but I really liked the ornate printing on it, and the MOC looks so much better with it than without.
I mean, Karzahni and Vezon both had capes (as well as in several movies), it’s not like cloth and giant weapons aren’t canon in the Bionicle Universe!

Yeah, there seems to be an overwhelming preference (bias even) for Helryx’s that ‘play it safe’, which I personally find a bit sad.
With individual tastes dictating so much of the voting, I have a feeling these contests are going to leave a lot of people divided and unhappy - hopefully the positives will out-weigh this!


Ohh that’s a really creative head design!

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I hope that one of the more original models wins- it would be a bit annoying to have waited 12 years for a Mata build (no offence to anyone who did that- it’s just not my preference).

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Yeah… got some sort of knight Artorias vibes

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Epic! but somewhat villainous lookin (not necessarily a bad thing) :stuck_out_tongue: kinda reminds me of the Lich King. That mace looks extremely ornate and powerful. The armor’s asymmetric design ties back to most of the toa mata. The implied matching blue lighting is an especially nice touch:)