Hephaestus: Toa of Fire and Metalworking

This guy is based off of Hephaestus; the ancient greek god of Fire and Metalworking. I plan on making all of the gods into mocs. Potentially a story will follow.


I have nothing to say other than this is amazing.

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Holy Asymmetry!

WOW. I LIKE THIS A WHOLE FREAKIN’ LOT. Especially since Hephaestus is my favourite Olympian.

The only comment I’d make is that you could have given the right leg more of a metallic look, but you’ve done that with the arm so it’s still a great interpretation!

So wow. Such amaze.
This is exceptional.

Well, I was going to do that originally. However, the metallic arms if for forging and I figured it would be weird if he had a forging pant-leg.

Ah, I seee. Nicely done anyway!

Holy Moc of mothers… This looks amazing.

My only complaint is that the Miru is a dumb mask.

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“Your face is a skull!” -ElJay, MNoG with Meso

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I wanted a different mask, but I Unfortunately do not own very many good red masks

This is a really nice build. Well done :slight_smile:

Nice, the general physique really works well for a blacksmith.

Very nice use of the iron man chest piece

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YES IT IS VERY GOOD. but if I have to pick at one thing its that the legs are very complex well as the chest is much simpler.

It is just the outside of the chest that is simple, the inside is rather complex.

don’t get me wrong I am not dis-ing this moc by no means. but I would have put more armor on the legs to cover up all the parts to give it a clean look. I still think this moc is very very cool :slight_smile: .

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He looks amazing. Nice job

Dang again. Another fantastic MOC.