Hero Factory Canon Contests?

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I like HF more than Bionicle so I figured I’de see if anyone would be interested in seeing one.


Sounds like a good idea to me


yes but actually no. not after what’s going on with the other contest


I’ve learned nothing. Hell yeah, let’s build some tiger ants


What would there be to canonize?


There’s several dozen heroes who only got names and teams, and one vaguely defined mission.
Plus several characters from the novels by Greg.


Now I do know there are a ton, a ton, of HF characters that have no true depiction. A lot of them are just mentions in the radio show or other random reports. And while I would love to see fan MOCs of them…I don’t think they need to be canon. I think that goes against the spirit of Hero Factory itself.

Hero Factory invites you to build your own heroes to fight the monsters and villains plaguing you. There is a Hero, a Hero Recon, an entire team, or even several teams worth for everyone. The galaxy of crime to defeat is open for you to do whatever you wish, whatever form of hero that takes. They had the Hero Hotline in a sense to say that, yes, your villains are real to the Hero Factory and yes, they will take care of them.

So in that sense, even characters who did not appear in any HF media (such as your heroes and villains) are canon. Perhaps not canon to the show and story Lego specifically showed us, but accepted and encouraged as such none the less. It’s there already, it need not be bound as it already has accepted it.

For contests, yes, go forth. It could be a ton of fun, especially with all the villains. But I would not worry about making them official canon, Hero Factory didn’t worry about it either.


One thing at a time I say.


I mean, I’d be down, just not sure how much demand there is.

I unironically support this.


Oh yeah, Cornelius Zo too


Zed Clickstart, Mac Megahertz, heck the whole Hero Factory FM crew.

HF FM still remains as the hands-down best peice of comedy Lego’s ever made.


Hell yeah it is


Forgot to put this in my other post, but here’s a list.


Delta 9 Team

  • Emily Wise
  • Nathan Slick

Epsilon 4 Team

  • Lanford Puck (leader)
  • Azar Wright
  • Gil Driver

Mu 19 Team

  • Emma Sage (leader)


  • Geneva Mills
  • Neko Scott

The Hero Recon Team

[Hero Recon Team]

  • Vic Tory
  • Thelonious Fox
  • “Smith”

Rho 3 Team

  • Eric Zeal (leader)
  • Kelly Deep
  • Rosalie Brisk
  • Michael Crisp

Rho 14 Team

  • Matthew Flash (leader)
  • Maddison Swift
  • Hailey Quick

Zed 4 Team


  • Rachael Dodge (leader)
  • Matthew Flare
  • Lily Fox
  • Ian Grey

Carter and Flint’s Team

  • Deuce Carter
  • Oscar Flint

Sierra Team

  • Ted Blakespear
  • Nite Burgiss
  • Bart Ellori
  • Chris Trident

Other Heroes

  • Emmeline Blast
  • Janey Zero
  • Virginia Wake
  • Maximus

Other Teams

  • Omega Team
  • Jackson’s Team
  • Ryker’s Team

Hero Factory Employees:

  • Zeta - Mission Manager
  • Sturgeon Pinhead -Mission Manager
  • Sherman Lennard - Call Center Manager
  • Skinny Jack - Worker
  • Titiania - Worker
  • Mak Megahertz - Hero Factory FM host
  • Boz Freeman- Head of the Assembly Tower
  • Sid Asimo - Furnace Worker
  • Gargantuan Smash - Former criminal, now a Hero Factory employee
  • Dr. Calvin Metric - Design team worker


  • Geb - A small-time crook on a criminal world
  • Cornelius Zo - A villain that once commanded an army of Tiger Ants
  • Hobo-Chincu - A hungry dude
  • Snowflake - A notorious shape-shifter that can turn objects into smaller versions of itself
  • Panda-Monium - A mutant panda-like being
  • Interpolar Bear - A cat burglar who wears a panda disguise
  • Sun-Eater - A villain that once tried to take over a planet
  • Gorgon - A gorgon from Neptune that once tried to kidnap Saturn’s king
  • Mutated Industrial Robot - This industrial robot was mutated into a bestial form, and hates Hero Factory and Black Phantom

*Tiger Ants - Large ant-like creatures.
*Phelianian Gorgon - A Phelianian Gorgon has five heads and six arms, can also shoot lasers, and are occasionally mistaken for Bortha Bears.
*A six-armed, six-legged dragon creature
*Fire Sprites

  • Acid Snake of Videon

*Crusher - A tank used by Bulk to defeat the Tiger Ants.


  • Aquax - The captain of the Valiant, an old friend of Stormer’s, temporarily possessed by a Brain

  • Xera - The science technician aboard the Valiant

  • Kirch - The commander and security chief of the Valiant , was possessed by a Brain swarm leader and is deceased

  • Zed Clickstart - A live news reporter

  • Gary Zeetleback - A citizen from Cherith 9

  • Mary Zeetleback - Wife of Gary Zeetleback

  • Lydia Zahula - A bestselling opera singer

  • Titania Crey - A leading geophysicist

  • Tibor Terell - An avant-garbage filmmaker responsible for many films including Hero Factory: The Musical

  • Fabian Dion - An actor who played Preston Stormer in Hero Factory: The Musical

  • Chip Foster - An actor who played William Furno in Hero Factory: The Musical

  • Sabrina McCann - An actress who played Natalie Breez in Hero Factory: The Musical

  • Raven Su - A professor and lead scientist at Makuhero University Research Facility

  • Deneb - A mysterious hooded being and co-creator of the Doom Box.

  • Arctur - A mysterious hooded being and co-creator of the Doom Box.

And probably more.


Yes please. I wanna replicate the glorious duet by these teo.


Wow that’s a lot

Who would we even talk to to get this though?

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I mean, possibly Greg, but I’m not sure how involved he was in the overall story.

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I remembered that we never found out who the mysterious dark figure at the end of Breakout was, so I’m definitely on board, because I need to know what he actually looked like…


Yeah. Pretty much most of it comes from the Hero Factory FM.


Yet another point towards it’s reputation as a quality peice of lego content.