Hero Factory Canon Contests?

@Jathru_Cranli Well I’m glad you enjoyed it! I do have an archived copy of all the ones I wrote, however, I don’t intend on republishing them. I don’t think they have aged well.

But I do have things in the works. Who knows, if things work out, you might see improved versions in the future.

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I actually believe people would be more open to these than Bionicle canon contests. The HF lore can easily be expanded upon and would be less of a contention point in the community.


Hmm. What about set designs for zib, mr makuro, and random civilians.
EDIT: You know what, Ima do that. (Possibly)


Parts for Zib, Quadal, and the rest of the Call Center members sounds like an awesome idea.:+1:
Who here is good with 3D modeling?