Hero Factory: Rebuild

NOTE: This story will make a lot more sense when you read the prequel, Legends Unite. If you want to read that, look it up, cause I can’t be bothered to link a page. Ypu can also find the other sequel dealing with Bionicle’s side of the story.


Hello listeners! And welcome, to HF FM. I’m your new host, Mac Maku, and I’ll be hosting talk radio. Now, let’s take a quick history lesson. A black hole ripped through time and space. The entire multiverse fell apart. But that last glimmer of hope saved us all… Matoro. Who knows where he is now, but we cannot express our gratitude enough. He’s a hero! And not the mass-produced kind either. But, he forgot something. Assembly Tower’s destroyed. Makuhero City is in ruins. Villains on the run, the black hole staff in their possession. Yeah, Matoro’s not so much of a hero now, is he? Our city needs protection, our city nee~

~You’ve got~


~for the bo~


Entry 1: Reloaded

Riots are starting up in the streets. Our secondary base has the only electricity in the city, and we’re being accused of keeping it from the citizens. In reality, we’re trying to work out a way to set up a new power grid. Alpha Team’s depleted, only remaining members left are myself, Furno, Stringer, Evo, and Rocka. Breez and Bulk had their cores ripped out back during the war, and Nex and Stormer are MIA. Even then, Rocka’s left Alpha Team and joined Hero Recon. We can barely show our faces on the streets anymore. This is Mark Surge of Alpha Team, signing out.


Makuhero City’s changed recently. The heroes have been reported to be holding back power so that the city can no longer have lights or transportation. Mr. Makuro came to the ruins of Assembly Tower to speak today. Everyone was hoping for words of encouragement.

What followed was devastating.

Mr. Makuro stepped up to the podium. “For years,” he said, “Hero Factory has been the top law enforcement orginazation in the galaxy. With regret, I need to tell you this. Hero Factory has gone rogue. The heroes have malfunctioned and are deadly. If you see one of them, stay inside and lock all doors. We are currently working on a new series of robots to combat the heroes.”

Entry 2: Scrap Heap

We are wanted criminals. And to be honest, we have no idea why. We’re being falsley accused of going haywire, and I can’t tell you how many times somebody whacked me upside the head with a crowbar, trying to stop us from… Whatever it is Makuro thinks we want. The Mayor’s put Quaza detectors on every shuttle, shutting it down once our cores are sensed. Because of that, we are trapped in the empty streets of Makuhero city, with new agents sent to kill us rolling off the assembly line at any moment. Stringer says to keep hope, but I’m not sure what hope is anymore.

This is Mark Surge, signing out.

Entry 3: Recon

Stringer was right. Today, the three of us found a hideout down a valley in what was once a dark alley in Makuhero City, now it’s barely even that. All the buildings are laying on their sides or are simply not there. Anyway, Furno noticed light coming out from one of the sewers. We opened the sewer lid, and sure enough, we were greeted by Rocka. It turns out he’s been leading a resistance team of Hero Recon members in the sewers. Thankfully, they have access to security cameras and a Quaza station. He says that Makuro’s actions seemed like he was being controlled. He acted much more lively, notably not crippled. It’s as though he was replaced by an upgraded replica. We may just be making progress now.

-Mark Surge

Entry 4: Preston

We went to pay Makuro a visit today. We walked through the city, looking for any sign of him. Suddenly, one of his robots attacked. It was reptile like, with spikes on it’s back and a two pointed spear. It attacked us strangely, trying to poison us. However, it wasn’t much trouble.

We found our way to Makuro’s office. Once we walked in the door, Stormer was there, lying there helpless. He was almost out of Quaza, and wasn’t going to live much lobger. However, he gave us some insight on who Makuro really was- a man in black armor. Not too helpful, but narrows it down. After that, he died in my arms. I looked up to him. I even saved him once. Now he’s gone. After that Makuro, or, “Makuro”, found us. I’m typing this from a high security level cell.

The core destruction is in two days, and Makuro shut off our communications with Recon Team.

This is Mark Surge, signing out.

I really like where this is going. It could be a bit more descriptive, as I sometimes felt as though there wasn’t enough detail given to really visualize things, but the premise is solid, the source material is one of my favorites (HF), and the plot is definitely building.

Just for the record, saying that I should probably read something but that you don’t want to go to the trouble of linking it is not the best way to start off your topic.

Thanks! I will keep in mind your critiques. Also, every day I wish I could edit in that link.

Every day…

Also, begin pondering about the phony Makuro. Soon all things will come into play…

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Entry 5: Sound Portal

Today is the day before the core destruction, and Makuro led us out of our cell. He brought us to this strange circle shaped device. He told us that, using tech from Stringer’s Sonic Boom Cannon, he made a portal that used sonic waves to travel the multiverse. Furno asked why he would make something like that. Rather than answering, Makuro began to remove his faceplate. Beneath it, we saw an image that we all recognized. There was a shadowy mask. It was angular, the eyes were pointed, and red, but it had changed since we last saw it. It was deformed. It had a bumpy pattern, it was bent unevenly, it looked like it had been through a scrap heap and back. We knew to whom the mask belonged, and who had to be wearing it. We had seen the mask of Makuta Teridax of Spherus Magna.

He began to tell us about his journey here, that after he wreaked havoc on Assembly Tower and his world, Matoro sent him and the tower to a realm between reapns, a bridge that must be travelled through, where time does not pass. It felt like a decade in that realm, but he managed to emerge immediately after that battle, but he found himself in Makuhero City. He managed to kill Mr. Makuro and impersonate him. He set us up as wanted criminals, so that we would be out of the way and he could access our weapons to find his way back to Spherus Magna.

He opened up the portal, and had his guard send us back to the cell. However, Furno and I managed to escape and follow Makuta through the portal. I- skzzt- SIGNAL LOST

Segway 1

Makuta looked around the void of blues and purples. It appeared as if he was moving through a tunnel of light. In the tunnel was a flat ground. It was black. Empty. He looked up and saw Assembly Tower. It was charred and damaged, but it was somehow still recognizable.

Suddenly, Furno and Surge emerged through a dark portal. Furno looked around, then spoke. “Teridax! What is this place?” The Makuta looked around. "Ah, how persistent you are. I intended to get to Spherus Magna through that portal, but your entry must have disrupted my travel. This is the land between realms. Others, however, prefer the term 'Afterlife.'l Surge entered the ruined tower. It was barely recognizable. It was diffucult to think he once called it home. He saw a stay Hero Core laying on the ground. “It’s still glowing”, he thought. “Who could it be…”

“One way to find out”

End Segway 1

Entry 6: Gift of Life

Stringer and I made it out of that strange place. Furno, however… He attached his core to the tower. He created a supernova. It sent us back, it may have killed Makuta, but Furno… He died. His core and armor were obliterated in the blast. We did find a hero core on the ground. Stringer is putting it in a body now, seeing if it still has life. The whole criminal stuff has been cleared up, but Makuhero City is gonna need some work. To pass the time, I’ve been reading old manuscripts I found in the records. They prophesy these “Incarnate of elements.” One is Time, one is Creation, but the third is too faded for me to make out. Anyway, I… I have to go.