Legends Unite Overall(?) Topic

I’ve created a Bio fic series known as Legends Unite, detailing the events after Bionicle’s Journey’s End, as well as a crossover. This is a place to access all the books as well as discuss them. They will be updated as the books are written.

Here are the links

Book 1: Legends Unite

Book 2: Legends Unite Book 2: New Beginning

HF Rebuild: Hero Factory: Rebuild

Book 3: Legends Unite Book 3: The Great Unknown

Okoto Book 1: Legends Unite: Island of Mystery

Feel free to discuss or ask questions regarding the series!

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I love the idea that main constraction themes all have a shared universe/multiverse.

UPDATE: A new story is out! Come check out “Island of Mystery”!

Okay, I just want to see something here. Is there anyone who still wants to see this continue? I’ve been really busy, and I got distracted from updating, but I want to know if there is an audience I’m putting time into writing this fanfic for.