Hero factory returning? Theory

Okay guys. This is not a Bionicle related topic, but here is my theory. Remember Invasion from below? That was a hero factory reboot that lasted one year. I see it now. What if invasion from below was created so Lego could create a story for the bionicle reboot? We were still on the cliff hanger after the brain attack, right. So here is my theory. Lego created invasion from below because the storyline would be too big from where brain attack left off. So Lego decided to do something a little smaller and more simple. That way, Bionicle reboot's story could be created. At some point in the future, Hero factory will return. I don't have any proof, but this is just my theory? What do you guys think?

Its not exactly a theory as much as saying it will back.

I don't see the "theory" aspect, but it will most likely not come back IMO.

Yeah, I guess. But like I said before, I don't have evidence. This was just something that came into my head, then I put it together like the pieces of a puzzle.

Bionicle was supposed to last about 3-5 years but carried on due to success. I will assume that they have the same plan for Gen 2 Bionicle. So maybe, they could bring back Hero Factory if Gen 2 ends the way they want.

I don't know much about HF or its fan base. If it's as big as Bionicle's then Lego might do it if Bionicle Gen 2's sales starts to wither before its planned cancellation.

Let's hope they don't, I want another 10 years of Bionicle xD.


Well a theory would mean you have some detail as to how it might happen. Its a good idea but I don't see it as a theory.

Yes, that could be true. But what if they exist at the same time like Ninjago and Chima?

Thats a theory @coolio what you said before was more of an idea.

Lego cancelled Hero Factory, which includes manufacturing, designing, producing, all the behind the scenes stuff, and then rebooted Bionicle. This leads me to assume that Lego can't afford both at the same time.

Having both at the same time isn't a matter of money but having them simultaneously wil detract from each others sales.

Sales are a matter of money. Unless you weren't buying them with money and you were trading them for camels. Or stealing them.

They have plenty enough money to keep both series up it simply isn't as profitable.

Well we never know but it would've been nice to get some closure for hero factory

the egg hatched and all the heroes died, there is your closure



That is the reboot, is it not? I'm talking about before invasion from below. Will we find out who engineered the breakout, or created the brains. I'm talking about those times.

that'd be nice

or it could be explained in books because hero factory is clearly not profitable for lego right now

I'm sure it was profitable, but knowing the bigger Bionicle fanbase, decided that Bionicle would make them more money.


Theirs a small demand in the HF community and their profit died overtime after Breakout, I rather have a new constraction theme over this from their failure.

NO NO MORE HERO FACTORY POOP I was tired of it!!!!

I can't see anything connecting a climactic finale of HF to it coming back.