Hidden Side

Past Lego AR app games, they rely on cheap 2D gimmicks that eventually get shoved away.

Unlike Hidden Side, they will release fairly complete models that still rely on you to scan an entire set and interact functional panels into this haunted theme.

I really don’t care about this app game tbh.


The app game looks like an improvement compared to past Lego AR games.
The sets look intriguing though! I was a big fan of Monster Fighters because of the spookiness, so having a ghost-hunting theme in a modern setting is intriguing!
That school bus set looks so rad, especially.

EDIT: Found some higher quality images in an article of the school and graveyard sets. Those new pale yellow green claw pieces :heart_eyes:


I mean, seems interesting. Those look to be decent spooky-themed sets, at the very least. Should be interesting to see where it goes.

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I like that it has a lot of location based sets, insted of vehicles, that makes it kind of special, the idea of mysteries and puzzles hidden in a lego set is pretty creative too. Would have been cool to give those main characters the new mid-sized legs, because I think they are supposed to be kids/teens

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Ok… I am a little confused here… Is this s new action-adventure theme or is it just another weird attempt to combine Phone Apps with LEGO? (AKA reboot of LEGO Fusion?)

Both, it seems. A theme where an integral part of the storytelling is an augmented reality app, if I’m understanding it correctly.

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Glow in the dark kaiju fins :ghost:


so I recently found out that the LEGO page for Hidden Side is up, only a teaser right now though

though we now a parts already (such as the plot from some articles and such)
the slogan is supposedly “CATCH THE GHOSTS. BEFORE THEY CATCH YOU”
and there’s a more specific date, August 2019 (which is basically late summer)

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This looks awesome, I’m trying to work out where the pieces go and how it transforms.

I hope this has a good story.

The sets don’t look bad, but in what I’ve seen from the ad, practically you’re getting those sets for the game rather than the Lego itself. Doesn’t look that interesting. I prefer do be independent from phones.

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Same here. Kids love LEGO because they can play with it, and adults like it because their kids can play with something that isn’t a tablet or a phone. So buying a set in order to play a game isn’t a good idea in my opinion.

Based on how well designed these sets look, I’m hoping that once kids get bored of the app game, they still see playability in the sets themselves. So to me, it feels like the app game is a nice bonus on a fun, cool looking series of sets that can stand on their own.


I give it 2 waves before it collapses.

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More unrevealed sets shown at Toy Fair.


tan alligator :eyes:

Based on images I’ve seen, I really love all the new parts/minifog accessories. The scientist minifig is superb, loving the hair piece and the torso with the pink Frankenstein ■■■■■.
The boat and shrimp diner will go really well with my Lego Ideas Fishing Store.
The transforming possessed objects are such a great idea (especially the portapotty)! Reminds of the The Real Ghostbusters from back in the day.
Overall, I’m very excited for this theme!

The builds are a little to simple for my taste, but I do like the Mansion set. Hope this theme will get a proper story.

I believe it shall be.

There’s the fact that the story surrounds two bloggers who can see another world through their phone, finding out there town is overrun by ghosts.
Though I have only seen this once on twitter though, but supposedly evil scientists are turning the citizens into ghosts. Which in my mind makes me believe they are killing people… (though that could be too dark, but I bet there’s a method to this “ghost creation”)

Plus on Twitter as well, Tommy Anderson wrote this

though this may not add up to a full-blown TV show, we’ll just have to wait until August to find out.


Better pictures of the sets

So, judging from the pictures we have so far I think I am going to love this theme. Glad we finally got another Original Theme.