Hidden Side

I don’t care about most of them but I want that school bus

You guys won’t believe what reference was hidden in the School Bus set:

Doesn’t that look familiar? :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw Hidden Side sets at the store today. The boxes are atrocious, they’re so stylized you can barely tell what you’re getting. I thought the stock boy had mistakenly lined the boxes backwards at first.

LEGO box art is terrible now. Whether there’s a monolithic blue border on top taking up a third of the box (City 2019) or far too much empty space (Thanos Ultimate Battle or Systar Starship) or Batman’s angry mug taking up a substantial chunk of the packaging (Batman 80th Anniversary) you can bet they’ll give headaches to many prospective buyers.


That’s really the only problem I have with this theme. The sets look great, but the packaging might mean that not as many people are going to buy them if they don’t know what the sets look like IRL


I just got my catalog, and I must say I’m kinda disappointed. How much money did they spend to make a usable app, when they could have just gotten us a decent writer and given us an original story.

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I totally agree on this one.

And with this one.

And I agree here too. From what I have seen so far, the app doesn’t look all that interesting.

From what i have played of the app and the ghosts i have unlocked, both from milestones and just by using the sets, i have to say that i’m really liking this. The darker tone to the game (which you not only can see in the designs of characters and sets, but also in the Ghost’s information) really makes this a far more unique LEGO theme than the ones before. I kinda wanna start making a list of Ghosts with their character info from the app game.

i mean, stuff like this:

Click image to fully see it.
makes me intrigued about LEGO Hidden Side.

Edit: when it comes to that list, i’m already started working on it a little:

Original image from the app.


The redheaded guy is clearly Pepper Roni from LEGO Island.


No, he is probably just a close relative.

Anyone wanna give some thoughts on this rumor about Hidden Side apparently failing in sales?

I sincerely hope their wrong, but it’s quite plausible.

There is no real evidence to suggest that. While yes, apparently the sets have gone on sale very early, the same thing happened with the Engame sets, and it’s one of LEGO’s best selling current lines.

From what I’ve seen, this is probably true, at least in the UK. Every shop I’ve been in recently that sells Lego is always packed full of Hidden Side, but none of it ever sells. Usually shops don’t even stock it because of how poorly it does, and when they are stocked they always have discounts.

Just look at Amazon UK:

Some of them have a good £20 or more taken off!

Just found the school. This one’s got about £35 off!

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If the theme really ends up failing, the weird box arts should be of blame.
@DarkHenrik what is your opinion on this rumor?

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i don’t feel like believing it, mostly because i can’t find anything else about it failing other than two videos people have posted on Youtube that talks about the rumor.

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The second wave Hidden Side sets just got revealed:

Any thoughts?


All these look really nicely designed! Not sure if they’re worth their full Canadian retail prices (I wonder if the price is slightly inflated because of the app functionality).

This new dual-molded backwards baseball cap piece is fantastic. Can’t wait for it to come in more colors.

A dual-minifig head adapter? Yes please. And I love the flipped up welding helmet.

People have been digging this byplane but my first thought was: trans-yellow electric power pieces? It’s classic Electro Time!

The rest of these sets have super nice locations.

Overall, really solid wave. Unfortunately, the box art still really doesn’t showcase the sets as clearly as it could.


I’m pretty sure that’s actually trans-green

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Although Lego themselves have mistaken that colour for yellow several times.

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Okay, these look great, digging that biplane. It’s a lot better than the last minifig scale one we got.