History of Artakha: Chapter 1 "The Exaggerator"

This is a continuation of the History of Artakha pitch, the prologue of which you can read here. It’s not much ground-breaking, but I am using some major character names. I’m sorry Brutaka fans for ruining your beloved character. Should I keep everyone’s names, or should I make up my own, like the six children in the Prologue? What should I name the son? I find myself renaming and renaming the king of Kanae. Any ideas? Please leave your comments, complaints, concepts, criticism, and carry-ons in the reply section.

Chapter 1: The Exaggerator

The echo of a chisel striking stone rang through the golden hall of the Motaran throne room. The gold that coated every inch of the hall reflected the pale light of torches. Hafu clutched his chisel tightly. He was tired of the weary work, but still persevered by encouraging himself between each swing.
Today I make art.
Today I make beauty.
Today I make history.
Hafu takes a moment to breath. In this moment, he hears another echo. The echo of footsteps. He turns his head, seeing a Po-Matoran. This Po-Matoran was Kodan. Hafu would have enjoyed to have a small chat with her, but he was exhausted and busy. Looking back at his statue, he realized he had much work to do.
Kodan approaches the king. She kneeled at his feet. She was his advisor, which basically meant she could say whatever she wanted about him without being thrown in jail or executed. She pushed her black Akaku on her face before speaking.
“Your wife sends word,” she states.
King Brutaka was a large Matoran. He was muscular as anything, and was plated entirely by gold from his feet to his noble Olmac upon his face. He stared down at the younger Matoran, laying sideways on his throne. He made no reply.
“Sir? You haven’t forgotten you have a wife again, have you?” Kodan asked. Brutaka smiled an ugly, sinister smile.
“Ha, ha, ha,” he laughs, each deep sound reflected by the massive ornate halls. “No, little girl, I merely was giving a joke! I remember my wife! She’s that Le-Matoran, uh… What’s her name again?” Brutaka answered.
“Vira, sir,” Kodan replied, ignoring him calling her a little girl; even though she had become of marriage age forty seasons back.
“Vira, ah, yes, that’s the one. I remember charging with the might of my armies to Kanae to take the city from King Tarduk! I defeated his troops, chard straight for his throne, and he begged me spare him. I told him, I will spare your life if you let me marry the most beautiful Matoran in your city, and I chose Vira,” Brutaka recalled.
“There was no army, sir,” Kodan reminded the king.
“Oh yes, I did it single-handedly!”
“There was no battle.”
“Ha! You could say that judging on how weakly the troops fought!”
“There were no enemy troops to fight.”
“Not after I stormed the throne room, there weren’t.”
“There was no storming of the throne room.”
“I just went straight in and threatened the king.”
“There was no threatening.”
“King Tarduk just gave me my choice of any Matoran in fear of my might.”
“Tarduk gave no choice.”
“He chose her for me, knowing her beauty.”
“He chose her because she was his only daughter left in the kingdom. He wanted to get rid of her.”
“He was so afraid of me he needed to give me joy.”
“You signed a treaty with him by marrying a daughter one hundred and twenty-four seasons younger than you.”
“Fine. I did sign a treaty. We keep the peace, as long as I give him jewels, and he gives me gold.”
“That’s the first thing true you’ve said all day.”
Brutaka laughs heartily at the comment.
Kodan sighed a long sigh, already tired of the king.
“So, what did um- um- What’s her name?” Brutaka stuttered.
“Vira, sir.”
“What’d she say?”
“She wants you to come home and see your son,”
Kodan answered.
“My son…” Brutaka stroke the sides of his large mask. The old mask was too old to work, but the king wore it just because it looked intimidating.
“His name is (unknown Matoran),” Kodan sighed.
“And he will be the king of Motara?”
“Yes,” Kodan answered.
“Hmm,” Brutaka hummed. His face was unreadable. He was either secretly angry, or confused of the circumstances.
“Your wife?” Kodan reminded the king.
“Hm? What about her?”
“She wants you to leave the palace and come back to your home?”
“Oh, yes. How long have I been here?” Brutaka asked.
“Nearly a season,” Kodan answered, trying to act unsurprised.
“Well, tell her that as soon as my next payment of gold comes in, I will meet our son,” Brutaka concluded.
“But- A ■■■■■■■■ just came in,” Kodan told Brutaka.
“And how is this important?” Brutaka shifted to sitting on his throne.
“It will be another season before the next one arrives,” Kodan answered.
“And?” Brutaka seemed to be egging on an arguement.
“You can’t just sit here for another season!” Kodan barked. She was beginning to get frustrated with the king.
“Why not? I am the king,” Brutaka argued.
“Because your son needs you!” Kodan shouted. Her voice echoed throughout the halls. Hafu, the artist, looked up briefly from his work.
“Let me get something straight for you, Kodan. I can do what I want, when I want. That is what being a king is for. I can sit here for another season, or I can go heroically claim a region for my people-”
“But you’ve made treaties with all other regions-”
“I can do what I want, remember? I single-handedly defeated the great beast Tren Krom. I deserve this,” Brutaka said. He rose from his throne. He was nearly twice as tall as Kodan.
“You didn’t defeat it single-handedly, and you didn’t defeat it at all! It was driven into the waters by two million soldiers, most from Mangai if anywhere!” Kodan corrected.
“Look, Kodan. You take me for a lazy fool who make up stories,” Brutaka told the young Matoran. He leaned in so his Olmac was level with her Akaku, and began whispering. “I am no fool. I know you’ve been feeding spies information about Motara-”
“I would never, King Bru-”
“LIES!” Brutaka yelled, smacked Kodan across the face with the back of his hand. Her Akaku slid across the floor. She reached for it, only to find it underneath Brutaka’s hammer. Lifting the hammer, Brutaka laughed. The mask was shattered in half.
“I have let you say what you wanted for too long! Goodbye, Kodan!” Brutaka cheered. Guards emerged from the throne room doors.
“Tell you what, I will pay my wife a visit. I will meet my son. And then, I will throw her with you in jail! You can be cellmates! Kodan and- What’s her name again?” Brutaka yelled as the guards picked up Kodan and dragged her out. Hafu looked up with sadness as she was dragged by. He had tears in his eyes, but he was not brave enough to do anything. “Goodbye,” He whimpered.
“Goodb-” Kodan started, before she was pulled out of the doors, and the great golden gate was slammed shut.

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