Hivea Queen of the hive Version 2

I don’t really see this as greebled, more as busy. There’s too many shades of yellow.

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two shades theres two shades

Well, the keetorange is not used a lot, and it makes the yellow that is used more seem out of place. And then there’s gold, which is close to yellow.

And have you ever heard of something being too detailed?
That’s what this is.
Too detailed.
Also, there are four shades of yellow, counting gold.

Woah there, pardner. No need to start dragging people.


Gold is gold gold isnt yellow
@Hutere then there is no need to continue with this

Well, gold is a very similar colour to yellow, but it might be closer to orange on a colour wheel.

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Perhaps not, but this suffers greatly from Titan Mata Nui syndrome in the sense of clashing yellows.
And gold is extremely close to yellow.

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why do you alway have to put up a fight stop this now im getting tired of your bragging

Gold is basically a shiny yellow. Either way, it doesn’t help with the many yellows.

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I haven’t bragged once.
I’m trying to help you get your facts straight.
And, to be honest, I haven’t really heard anyone ask for more greebling, it’s not really required.


… Bragging? I don’t recall anyone bragging about anything.

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Okay so 1: You say you’re tired of his “bragging” when you said this earlier:

And 2: People here are telling you their OPINIONS, which you automatically ask for when you make a topic, as does everybody else when they make topics. If you’re going to moan at feedback, then don’t post the MOC. Everybody here has said that it looks to cluttered and greebly, but you seem to think that that means everybody must hate greebles. Also, about the colors, which you also can’t seem to take any feedback on. Yellow and gold are hard colors to have on a MOC, let alone two shades of yellow, and gold, and black, and randomly scattered bits of light grey. Tho MOC looks okay, but it definitely does look way too cluttered, so please, just listen to people when they have taken the time to give a response on your MOC.


A bit too many shades of yellow, but I like the abdomen you added.

I think all this hostility is unnecessary.

About the moc, it looks really good, actually. Probably better than the last version.

But, I do dislike the keetorange (it should be used a little bit more to not look out of place), and I think the arms need to be reworked - they’re super skinny, look out of place, and those hands are just…not good at all.


Ok, I’m sick of your attitude, stop attacking people who point out flaws in your mocs.

This moc is flawed, the head’s alright, the arms are basic, the torso and the legs are a cluttered mess.


Gold is like glitter mixed with mustard…

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Br0ny that’s enough. They’re not bragging, they’re giving their opinions. Don’t impose your will onto people. If you don’t like their thoughts, ignore them. We don’t need your attitude, and it’s coming down to the last straw with these kind of incidents. Now behave.

@Payinku please don’t try to do my job. I got this. Just flag posts.


Mustard is a yellow.

Mustard is a condiment…