Home Alone Franchise

I couldn't find a topic for the this mess of a series, so here we go.

I really like the first two Home Alone movies. They're far from perfect, but I enjoy them, and I watch them every year.

In 1997, five years after Kevin McCallister's last adventure, Home Alone 3 was released. Starring... This kid.

Then, in 2002, we got... Um...

Finally, in 2012...

What do you guys think about Home Alone? Have you seen the not-Kevin trilogy? What did you think?

"The Holiday Heist" was on Netflix (In Canada, at least) this time last year. I gave it a watch, and yeah, it kinda sucked. It was about video games and meeting people online, and it felt like it was desperately pandering and trying to relate to me. :stuck_out_tongue:



This guy says that Home Alone 3 is better than the first two. Wonder that low grade critic said th- wait Rodger Ebert!

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Home Alone 3 was the first one I saw, and still enjoy it. To me, the first is the best. The second is just a retread of the first, but knows it's a retread and plays with that knowledge and has fun with it.

"Guy 1: Well, we've got to do a sequel, but logically there's zero chance Kevin would get left home alone again so what do we do?

Guy 2: Send him to New York! It'll be half vacation, half film job!

Guy 1: Brilliant! Give that man all the money!"

The next few movies after three... well, I don't think we should talk about those.

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I enjoyed the first and second ones a good deal, but never watched the others.

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I liked these movies a lot as a kid, but then when I re-watched them I realized they had innuendos. RIP.


Well, the first two movies are pretty good as mentioned, but then it went downhill from there. Don't think I've heard of the most recent one, not that it really matters though as I see no reason to watch it. I have a feeling it won't enrich my life whatsoever. :stuck_out_tongue:

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So does that mean Toy Santa would give all the movies coal? XD

Yes, he would.

Santa Clause > Home Alone films in my opinion for Christmas movies.


I never, and still don't understand the aftershave bit. Why you gotta be screaming my dude?

I watched one of them a few years ago. The only thing I remember about it is a guy got a brick dropped on his face. I thought that was funny, and since I don't plan on seeing it again i'll go with my previous judgment and say it was good.

I don't remember actually ever seeing these...

I've only seen the first one.

I didn't even know there was more home alone's after the third one O_o

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I have a lot of nostalgia for the third film, I'll freely admit it's not very good, though part of me kind of enjoys just how comically sadistic it is towards the criminals.
Watched the first two, first is alright, second is kinda boring, haven't seen the others, don't really want to, hoping nostalgia critic reviews one of them this year.

Because aftershave burns kinda and they played the reaction up for laughs. It's not really funny tbh.

what, does that make them bad or something?

Home Alone 1 and 2 aren't great movies by any means, but they're definitely fun to watch. The action sequences were well executed and are pretty rewatchable, so it makes both films a good two hour break from life so you can just turn off your brain and watch some of the best live action slapstick made thus far.

3 was alright for what it was, though I think the story is more than ridiculous.


Yeah, I'm home alone a lot.

I saw Home Alone 2 and 3 and then Holiday Heist was okay. Other than that haven't watched much, of it. I spent all my time on Santa Claus 2.

Okay. That joke is whatever, but with this new information...

Why would anyone use aftershave?

I obviously, can't speak for everyone, but my face isn't something I particularly want to be burning....

I am not quite sure what aftershave is...

I need explain plz

Aftershave is something you rub onto your face after shaving. After applying it, you might feel a slight burning sensation, though it isn't as bad as how HA plays it up to be.

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