Honored by the Shadow - Bionicle Canon Contest #3: Honor Guard

Bringing in my take on Hagah to you


Her armor is cover of pearls, symbolizing the sea
Color is Pearl Very Light Gray




I believe that Toa Hagah being left-handed isn’t prohibited by the rules, but if I’m wrong, I can tweak MOC to be right-handed

Used materials:
Stud.io Eyesight Renderer
Biopack - Biopack - Updated
Galvapack - VootCaboot's Stud.io Parts - Google Drive
SwampKryakwa’s Colorpack: SwampKryakwa's Colorpack v1.5
Modified Galva’s chest cover: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468452339515260939/843078269666590740/Kulaus_chest_cover.obj

I allow to change all masks except Gaaki’s and Bomonga’s during art contest
I don’t allow to change metallic color during art contest
I allow to change spear tips during art contest

Height chart. Some armoring and coloring might’ve been tweaked, but all limb parts are same as on this chart

.io files:
Gaaki: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468452339515260939/843087428357062696/Gaaki.io
Pouks: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468452339515260939/843086904337498162/Pouks.io
Bomonga: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468452339515260939/843086902176251914/Bomonga.io
Kualus: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/468452339515260939/843851070115676190/Kualus.io


Great choice of masks, but I’m not sure Kualus’ torso will be accepted by the rules


Beat me to it by that much.

He is correct. Currently, 3D printed pieces are restricted to masks and tools. The torso armor will need to be switched out within three (3) days.


Oh, okay. Seems I missed that. Gonna find another thing to use. Do everything else fit the rules?

Everything else is fine.


You are mad clever for giving Galva’s Mask of Emulation to Bomonga instead of Pouks. It even fits. Well played, lad.


Very cool. Probaby will vote for this.

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love that you made one left handed :+1:


The tube under Gaaki’s mask helps to improve the proportions. I dig it.
Your team might be my ultimate choice for this contest because they stay really close to the sets. Not sure about experiments with colours though.


Gaaki’s “pearl” armor is pretty neat. They all look nice, so good luck in the polls!


This color scheme is almost exactly what I had in mind! With the simplicity of these that makes them set-relatable and that you give permission to switch out the Rahkshi staff ends, these are practically my ideal. Although I don’t understand the obsession with giving tubing to water Toa, it doesn’t look too intrusive on this Gaaki model. For chest armor for Kualus, I would suggest using a Kohrak-kal or Pahrak shield piece. I understand if you are going for a unique ideal, which would make a 3-2-1 armor set, but a 3-3 set ain’t bad either. I’ve also seen use of Hordika and Kalmah feet used to a certain degree of success, but I would still stand by the Bohrok shield idea. Great builds.

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Updated Kualus to be consistent with rules. Hope every single piece of my entry is allowed now.

Upd. Also re-rendered Gaaki to feature closer to real life dark blue color

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Clever use the Mask of Emulation for Bomonga; I’m impressed by that decision.

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I’ve made quite clear that I want Gaaki to be gold, and I stand by that. But… this wouldn’t be the worst alternative, IMO – I can’t put a finger on why, but Mettur blue and metallic white work really well together, and really evoke the ocean. Some other thoughts: I like the mask, I like most of the build. I don’t like the long arms, or the shoulder mod.

Wait a second… did you recolor the pin connecting his chest armor to be brown? That’s a nice touch, haven’t seen anyone do that. Again, not personally a fan of the shoulder mod, but otherwise, it’s decent.


What I do like: the metallic blue, the snowflake shield chest plate. What I don’t like: the shoulders, the fact that his scope and spear hand are on opposite sides (though I guess the mask can be changed).


I really wish more people would give Bomonga another color besides black and metallic. Using the MoE for him is clever… though it begs the question, if there was a MoE-wearing hero, why did Bomonga honor him and not Pouks? So I’m not sure if I like that. I do like him being a lefty, though – I kinda want to see at least one lefty Hagah.


Honestly, my biggest gripe with these is probably the shoulder mod – I know it’s a very purist outlook, but I’d prefer the mod be, well, a mod, and not part of a canon build (yes I know the mocs aren’t technically canon but they’re canon to most of us). But that aside, I’d be fine with these, mostly.

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neat renders, good luck


Really love the Kualus colors. The Black is a great accent

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