Horror monster movie scorponok

In a recent haul I got a movie scorponok missing one robot leg. I decided to repaint him into what the design should have been; a mechanical silent hill looking monster (In my opinion).

The color scheme was based of the rotting metal look a horror game monster like this would have. I also added red to the claws, chest vortex, and tail to look like blood from its victims.


this is a cool paint job

That is creepy, especially the blood on the belly. Nice job!

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One of the necromorph variants in dead space is very similar in appearance to this, makes me think of the cybertronians finding a marker.
Good job.

that’s pretty scurry

good job

I didn’t know that. Silent hill was simply the first game I thought of with rotting machine creatures as a theme.

Love the paint job. Very Bionicle G2 like.

[Why does that sound familiar] (http://67.media.tumblr.com/481e2109f7d7f0e4b337070a617a2744/tumblr_ng8d0n0mzi1u4diz0o3_250.gif) :stuck_out_tongue:

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