Horse in the Garage

A 5 dimensional horse enters the garage. It turns left, then right, then finds an intersection. Where next?

5 dimensional horse decides to take Matau’s advice and turn right. He loses and immediately disintegrates.

We’ll, at least he was close to the door…

He wasn’t closer than twelve miles from the door.

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Another horse spawns. His name is Left, so he decides to go left.

Carnivorous horse appears and devours Left before he can make another move.

Because he had devoured Left, Carnivorous horse is forced to turn left.

Unfortunately, Carnivorous Horse is not advanced enough to detect that he is walking directly into a vegan street fair. With no meat in sight, Carnivorous Horse perishes.

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A new horse appears in the garage. But this is no new horse. Having fought the cruelty of the world for many years, this horse stands broken and alone. Not even remembering their own name, the horse does not even stop to consider this new situation. Marching ever forward, they reached a crossroads. For the briefest of moments, the horse pauses. A choice has not been presented to this weary beast for such a long time. At least not one they had any agency over. But this flickering memory of a horse they once were fades fast. The horse without a name trots left.