Hot Wheels Acceleracers

Did anybody else watch these?

In case you're wondering Acceleracers is a 4 part kids movie (series?) released in 2005, About a bunch of people who race against robots to get power ups... Or something like that. Funnily enough it's sort of a reboot to another hot wheels movie.
Is it good? No, not really.
Does it have some unique ideas?
That's for us to discuss.


I know I had some of the toys, but I'm not sure I've ever actually seen the series...

I've never seen these movies. I've never even heard of them. But one thing cannot leave me alone: what in Mata Nui's name does " The Speed of Silence" mean?


I saw at least some of them a while back...yay?

I have faint memories of some sort of Hot Wheels movie, I think with a giant rock dinosaur or something? Weird stuff.

I don't think I've ever watched this, but I've watched a different series based on Hot wheels called "Battle Force Five"

These look to be about the same amount of quality.

@Ninjanicktf Acceleracers is probably lesser quality due to being released in 2005 while Battle Force 5 (which I've never seen) was probably closer to 2012ish.

@RaptorTalon I'm not sure if watching them is an acomplishment...

@ReeseEH I believe there was a trash T-rex thing in one of the movies, but it's been atleast 3 years since I saw them.

@timmytowntim I was kinda the opposite, only watching the movies yet owning none of the toys.

I'll probably watch the movies again just to remember them, and to keep the topic alive.

I have vague memory flashes of this when I look at that picture, but I can't remember any more than that.

I actually remember this from my childhood.

I used to collect cars related to this series because they were so cheap that wwhen I stayed at grandma's for a whole summer we would go buy 1 everyday.

Pretty sure I had the racetrack and movie bundle for ignition.

I thought this was just a T.V. series. Each "film" was chopped up and released episodically I guess.
While it didn't have the greatest textures, animation or overall premise, I did find myself enjoying and getting attached to some of the characters.


I used to love these, although looking back on it, the characters look a little odd. All I can say is that it sure was "interesting."


Speed of silence guy is actually a part of the Multiverse theory concerning the reality of Lazytown

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I help run a YT channel similar to TTV about those old Hot Wheels movies. There’s a surprisingly dedicated community for these films similar to Bionicle and like Bionicle had a lot of changes amid production as well as a cancelled year of Transforming mecha cars akin to Hot Wheels Battle Force 5 kinda like how the Biodino’s of the cancelled 2011 Bionicle story are received.

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I watched one of them. Can’t remember which one though. They were… interesting

Oh man, I remember these. I still watch these occasionally. Except for the cliffhanger. That was infuriating, I even wrote a fan-fic concept based around it.

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I read a good fanfic conclusion to the series if it makes you feel better

really? Cool thanks.

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My pleasure

I remember seeing commercials for Battle Force Five around 2012, and I think a friend of mine had one of the toys. But how exactly were those movies released? Were like TV Shows or direct to DVD movies?


D to DVD. I liked Acceleracers because it was well written. They actually killed a couple charters, which is odd children programming. I mean, it had a few cheesy tropes such as the whole Darth Vader style revelation type thing, but in general it was well done. Battle Force 5 is something else entirely and has no relation to Acceleracers (even though one of the characters is the named the same!). Acceleracers on the other hand, is a direct sequel to Hot Wheels: World Race.