Hour of Heroes - Signups (OOC Topic)


Hour of Heroes is a Hero Factory RP which I will be GMing. If there is a specific segment of this description you find unclear, or would prefer specification on, feel free to ask me.


-Canon Locations
-Profile Templates

[details=Story]Once upon a time…

Makuhero City is finally fully recovered once again. A celebration is being held in the city square, with many heroes present, including dozens of rookies… And suddenly, a bomb from high on one of the distant rooftops goes off, sending debris into the street! Two more go off shortly after, and the Heroes are called into action yet again - and for the rookies new on the field, they’re about to encounter some of the most dangerous threats the city’s had to date.

Welcome to Hero Factory, rookie.[/details]

[details=Heroes]What makes a Hero?

A Hero may be someone with a special set of abilities willing to use them for the side of good. A Hero could also be anyone standing up for what’s right in times when all seems dark. To Mr. Makuro and the residents of Makuhero City, and the galaxy beyond, it means an elite enforcer of justice tasked with keeping peace throughout the universe.

Hero Factory is an assembly line which constructs robot warriors known as Heroes. They are stronger, quicker, and more durable than your average android, and aside from having full sapience and freedom of choice, each Hero is energized by a Hero Core - a glowing piece of Quaza crystal deep inside them. It must be recharged fairly frequently in order to maintain its user, but for the purposes of this RP, we will not be exploring what happens if a Hero Core ever runs out… Maybe.

Due to the very ranging power degrees in weaponry and equipment throughout the multiple waves of story and sets that have come out, each Hero character will be allowed three weapons/abilities Total, unless the GM gives out an item for a character to use.[/details]

[details=Villains]Every dark alley hides a darker figure lurking in it. Welcome to the underworld of Makuhero city… The Villains.

Not all the villains are united under one cause. They range from terrible thieves to anarchist arsonists, but they all have one thing in common: they’re on the opposite side of the law.

A villain can be an enhanced member of an alien species, a lab accident, or even a Hero gone rogue. Whatever the case, they are considered a scourge to the universe and must be captured, no matter their intentions. An interesting villain could be a sympathetic character, one who must commit crimes to further another goal, like saving a friend from an unknown illness, or utterly repulsive, like a twisted fiend who commits murder so he can make a collection of robotic eyeballs from the Heroes.

Due to the very ranging power degrees in weaponry and equipment throughout the multiple waves of story and sets that have come out, each Hero character will be allowed three weapons/abilities Total, unless the GM gives out an item for a character to use.[/details]

[details=Vehicles]They go zip zoom, they have laser cannons, they’re super awesome… And I’m very nervous about letting players use them.

If you do have a vehicle, it can only be a small dropship, like the ones the Hero Factory uses. It must also take up one of the weapon/ability slots. Modification must be slight, if at all, and it’s on a case-by-case basis. Foul play with a vehicle might result in me removing that vehicle from you.[/details]

[details=Canon Locations]Not all of the locations listed here will ever be explored or mentioned. In fact, I doubt they’ll ever be acknowledged in-RP. But they’re here for convenience’s sake.
Thanks to Traykar for helping assemble this list.

  • Scylla
    It’s underwater, has three satellites orbiting it, and possesses oxidium and Shark people.

  • Quatros
    It’s a big ole forest that’s loaded with Quaza. Mining operations were halted on the planet when it was learned that quaza was required for the ecosystem to survive. Strange temples dot the planets surface, each housing arcane weaponry and ancient teleportation technology. Inhabitants of the planet include Scorpios, Fangz, Raw-Jaws, Waspix, and possibly Ogrums.

  • Merak Nine
    It has several industrial mining operations, as well as a high security weapons vault.

  • Z’Chaya
    It is a planet completely enveloped in a lush, tropical rainforrest, dotted with abandoned temples. Inhabitants include members of Toxic Reapa’s insectoid species.

  • Lemus 2
    A planet with rocky, mountainous terrain, and houses an explosives plant. Presumably there is a Lemus 1.

  • Lunar Tratix
    It has two orbiting satellites, and possesses a flat, dry, and sandy climate. Large rocks occasionally dot the planet’s surface. The planet is populated by Tratix Reptoids, large snake like creatures that burrow under the surface.

  • Kollix IV
    There is presumed to be a Kollix I, II, and III.

  • Almaak V and IV
    Almaak v has a large population and possesses the required technology to render a planet invisible. They hate the guts of Prima Geidi system. Almaak I, II, and III are presumed to exist.

  • Mechna
    Mechna is covered entirely with numerous Factories, including one, owned by Makuro industries, that produces XT-4 robots.

  • Tansari VI
    Tansari VI is a planet shrouded entirely with fog. The planet also houses a large number of electrical collection arrays, designed to harness the lightning from the planet’s electrical storms.

  • Mekron City
    Mekron City is a large metropolis built upon a sizable asteroid.

  • Asteroid J-54
    Asteroid J-54 is a prison colony that has existed long before the Hero Factory came into existence. It is defended by Security Robots and automated defense systems. It is unknown how many other asteroids there are like it.

  • Etamin II
    Etamin II possessed a population of robots. They also had briefly banned any affiliate of the hero Factory entering the system.

  • Hero Factory planet?
    This planetoid contains a wide variety of biomes, including an ocean, a grouping of volcanic mountains, a grouping of non volcanic mountains, a lush jungle, a forest, a desert, and polar ice caps. With regards to the after before mentioned locations, the rest of the planets houses a large metropolitan civilization called, Makuro City. Makuro City houses the Hero Factory assembly tower, as well as its own University. Animals that inhabit the planet include, Dragonbolts, Ogrums, Aquagons, Pyrox, Scarox, Bruizers, and Frost Beasts.
    This is where most of the RP takes place.

  • The New Stellac City planet
    This planet is covered by a large city, but also has gigantic caverns underneath the infrastructure. Giant Kaiju dwell within these caves, waiting to wreak havoc upon the surface world.

  • Sector Sigma Sigma
    A section of space containing numerous asteroids, as well as the Sigma Sigma Communications satellite. The Satellite is manned by a crew of robots, and is protected by a large force field.

  • The Antropolis City planet
    It has Antropolis City, and was attacked by a robot at one point. This planet is where the Von Ness incident occurred.

  • Hivilus 5
    This planet has bugs. More specifically it is populated by Thornaxx’s species, and has orange skies. Hivilus 1 through 4 are presumed to exist.

  • The Planet where Thresher retired
    Super secret and has something to do with defending folks against mind powers.

  • Tallos 5
    A mining colony where the Fire Villains were constructed. Tallos 1 through 4 are presumed to exist.

  • Earth
    Mostly Harmless, and will never be explored in this RP.

  • Cygnia
    Had something called a Thermo Dam that was sabotaged by Corroder.

  • The Deltari Quadrant
    Had a lot of diamonds before they were stolen by Von Nebula’s Gang.

  • Fabulox 18
    This planet was mostly desert, and was the 18th planet from its sun.

  • Faradi Belt
    This stretch of space is filled with electromagnetic interference, scrambling all communications.

  • Jupiter
    Yes, it’s that Jupiter.

  • Mercury
    This planet is not a liquid at room temperature.

  • Neptune
    This is the grooviest planet.

  • Reverso
    This planet is backwards. Don’t expect me to know what that’s supposed to mean.

  • Rotor’s home planet
    The ‘Rotarans’ currently want Rotor for his acts of treason.

  • Saturn
    The king of Saturn lives here.

  • Sarazon 8
    This planet exists, there’s probably seven more that also exist.

  • Seginus
    This planet has a swamp, and a volcano. It is populated by living acid clouds and ice serpents.

  • Swamp World
    No info was given. We can assume Shrek lives there.

  • Tantalus 5
    Penitentiary 1331 is under construction there.

  • The Tarantula Nebula
    This stretch of space has a plasmoid manufacturing plant.

  • Tyral 9
    There are cannibal robots here. There’s also probably eight other planets with the same name.

  • The Terak System
    Denizens of this system are often assaulted by mutant pandas.

  • Videon
    Acid snakes live there. No video rentals.[/details]

[details=Profile Template]
Name: (Your name, duh. If you’re playing as a Hero, list your full name.)
Alias: (This also counts for nicknames. For villains, this is what you are known by.)
Gender: (I don’t think I have to explain this. Yes, they’re all robots, I get it.)
Appearance: (What does your character look like? A well-written description is all right, although a picture or drawing will also work.)
Weapons/Abilities (You can have up to three, or you can sacrifice one of your places for a more powerful weapon/ability. What’s allowed and isn’t allowed is up to the GM.)
Personality/Weaknesses: (Every good character has flaws. No good character doesn’t. Here’s where you put what your character is like, in every detail.)
Bio: (Your character’s backstory. Need I say more?)[/details]

[details=Rules]Here are the rules. They are to be followed under every circumstance. Failure to do so will definitely affect your place in this RP.


This is the easiest section to cover. When you’re in character, title your posts IC. When you’re not, make sure to say OOC. Simple enough, right?
And keep in mind making your post entirely OOC in the RP topic is a surefire way to get it flagged. Board rules and all, not just to mention common courtesy.

So just to reiterate: IC - IN-Character. OOC - Out Of Character. Got it? cool.

No Autohitting

What the heck is an Autohit?
Well, for the purposes of example, I’ve drafted up a couple of characters for demonstration purposes - Bob Scrapper and Joe Binder. OC Dont Steel

Here’s an example of an autohit in-post:


Bob swung his large spiked blade with multiple laser cannons towards Joe and caught him in the neck.

See, the thing here is that Bob didn’t give Joe any time to react. That’s an autohit; an action that denies the player the chance to react. Only the GM is allowed to do this on any scale at all.

Now here’s two more posts, done properly:


Bob reeled back and, putting all his muscle into the action, swung his large spiked blade with laser cannons towards Joe, aiming for his neck.


Joe saw the blade moving out of the corner of his eye. Needing to react fast or risk being beheaded, Joe slid his right foot forward to drop down the right side of his body, and twisted his head to the side. He could feet the wind rushing and the laser cannons grunting as the blade missed his neck by a hair.

Now Joe has time to react, and he did so with proper etiquette and finesse. He listed his actions in great detail so Bob could be aware of what state he was in. If Bob was a good player, he’d follow up the next post with recovering from the recoil of his missed attack.

Simple, right? be nice to players, even when you’re trying to kill them.

No Bunnying

Now what in thunder does this even mean? Don’t hop around and eat grass? Well, no. Bunnying occurs when you move another character around without another player’s permission, to any degree.

I won’t give an example here, as I think that description should be fairly efficient in getting the point across. Again, the only ones who can bunny other characters is the GM and his Co-GMs.


If you have express permission from another player and can prove so (I would prefer the other player let the GM know in the signups topic) you are then allowed to bunny a specific character which is not your own… To a certain extent. It’s wiser to just wait for the other player to become available.

No Godmodding

So we can’t download mods onto the forum? Yes.

Godmodding is what occurs when you forcibly twist the situation into your hands to avoid injury/detection/et cetera. Let me give you an example:


Joe threw his boomerang knife with his left hand while he fired off his revolver with his right, aiming for Bob’s midsection.


Bob twisted out of the way of the bullet and then ducked his head down to avoid the swoop of the boomerang.

See, Bob’s not exactly a role model right now. He’s doing the impossible to ensure he can’t be touched. It’s better here to take the hit than to try and explain why it somehow never touched you.

Here’s an example of how it should have gone:


Joe threw his boomerang knife with his left hand while he fired off his revolver with his right, aiming for Bob’s midsection.


Bob felt the bullet dig into his upper leg, barely missing his hip. With a cry of pain he dropped to the ground, as the boomerang knife swung through the air and embedded itself into the wall.

Make sense? sometimes it’s hard to play honest, especially when your character’s at stake. Speaking of…

Death Is Possible

I’m not going to try and pretend this doesn’t happen, like in other RPs on the site. Death happens, and yes, other players are capable of killing your character, and vice versa. Play fair, and if your character dies… Make a new one. Nobody lives forever.

The GM’s Word Is Law

Yes, it’s also a rule on the site. If I (the GM) say something is a certain way, it is that certain way, and that’s life. Fighting about it will get you in trouble with staff sooner than it will with me.

Point Out GM Errors

Did I just say the GM’s word is Law? Well I was kidding. A little.

Everybody makes mistakes, especially me. And I want to do the best I can for the people playing this RP. So if I make an error, if I slip up someplace, or if something I say just plain doesn’t make sense, take it to the signup topic and please, tell me about it.

If I absolutely won’t change my mind, don’t try and start a fight over it. Just let me ride through my mistake and maybe later on I’ll realize I messed up. I don’t know how fondly the site mods will feel about this in particular, but if you contesting something I say was made under good intentions, I’ll defend your case.


There is no exception to this rule, it is utterly immovable, and that is final. Follow it or face the consequences.[/details]

Approved Characters


I have some questions for clarification; first, would you mind writing up an example character profile? Second, in the event our character dies, are we allowed to make a new character, or are we excluded from the rp upon our character’s death?

In the meantime, I guess I’ll write up a character profile to the best of my ability while you’re offline, and I’ll change it accordingly once you respond.

Name: Johnathan Kalvin Metravald

Alias: Sun Spot

Gender: Male

Appearance: —Somewhat sleep deprived in appearance. If I were to describe him in human terms, he might have stubble and be a little pale, but of course he is robotic and can’t have those qualities. He isn’t particularly tall or particularly wide, and he has a green head. He has a bit of a limp and cocks his head slightly. He is often seen with a walking stick of sorts, but is not entirely reliant on it. This isn’t entirely appearance related, but he has a low, resonating and somewhat rumbling voice that occasionally has a slight glitch in it from time to time, but nothing serious enough to call it a speech impediment. He doesn’t have any particular getup or armor.—
NOTE: I might not stick with this appearance. I’m going to build a MOC and we’ll see how he looks once I’m done.
Edit: here is his up-to-date appearance

-1. Is incredibly crafty. Isn’t so much a weapon as it is a character trait, but he’s able to talk himself out of situations with such finesse and he’s convincing enough that it might as well be counted as a weapon.
-2. He carries around a hand-blaster at all times. It’s nothing special, about the caliber of a pistol irl; just simple self-defence, or if need be, intimidation. He has six shots in it, like a standard revolver. The bullets are hard matter, so it isn’t energy based. For the sale of this RP, it cannot be reloaded, so I’ll have six bullets to use in total.
I won’t do a third weapon, at least for now, because I actually quite like the idea of him being physically weak. It’s a concept touched on in the movie Unbreakable that I wish they had elaborated on better in the sequel

Personality/Weaknesses: Sun Spot has a soft spot for his friend, Warner, who is like a son to him, and who recently acquired a job at the Hero Factory (note, he is not a hero himself. He is merely a technician working at the Hero Factory facility). Despite having strong resentment for the Hero Factory, he supports his friend. Sometimes this interrupts his plans.

Bio: Johnathan has lived in the slums of Makuhero city for too long. After a lifetime of looking for work and coming up empty, and after years of injury and charity, Johnathan has had enough.
He isn’t just homeless, though. Many years ago, Johnathan helped found the Hero Factory. After what he sees as the ultimate betrayal, Johnathan was thrust into years of misery and poverty. Now he wants what is due him; he wants vindication.

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Name: Elliot Vensen
Alias: Bracer
Gender: Male
Appearance: A tall thin citizen, though not unusually tall. He has a light blue head, and sometimes wears a white lab coat. When he is wearing his villain equipment, his hight is increased to about two heads above the size of a normal citizen. His villain equipment also includes a somewhat heat resistant black lab coat (so it could help in the event of an explosion, but couldn’t save you from a grenade exploding at your feet or anything at close range) as well as metal device attached to his back, with a variety of syringes and tubes sticking out.
-1: Elliot’s main weapon and abilities is his use of anti-quaza to increase his strength and speed. He either utilizes anti-quaza through syringes that he keeps on him at all times, or more effectively through his villain suit called the Bracer Mk2. The Bracer Mk2 is a fairly small exo frame that consists of a backpack, two lower leg attachments, and two large gauntlet attachments with tubes being pumped with anti-quake running to the back attachment. The leg attachments grant stronger leg power, being useful for jumps, kicks, and running, while the arm attachments boost strength for punching and lifting or throwing heavy objects. When really pushing himself to his power limits, and using his most refined anti-quaza, Elliot becomes extremely strong, though he can not maintain that power level for very long.
-2: A short ranged semi-auto 6 shot energy shell rifle that can also be fired in 3 or 6 shot sprays.
-3: A normal sized personal bike, like Furno’s, but a little smaller, and with a small side mounted missile launcher which stores 3 weak rockets.
Personality/Weaknesses: Elliot is extremely earnest in whatever he does, and can be very impulsive. He normally wants to help people and do the right thing, though his judgement can be skewed when intaking heavy amount of anti-quaza, making his already impulsive personality rather volatile and unstable, sometimes causing him to seemingly lose control of his body in a violent frenzy. While he is powerful, he lacks the precise training and discipline that most heroes possess, making him more jumpy in the heat of battle, and less likely to keep calm, especially when he is using a lot of anti-quaza.
Bio: Elliot was a scientist working for Hero Factory, and worked on streamlining Hero Cores for maximum efficiency. While researching, he discovered that normal quaza can be converted into a strange liquid substances called anti-quaza, that while at first was not nearly as powerful or efficient had much potential, but also was more unrefined and unstable. The Hero Factory shunned his ideas and research about anti-quaza, saying that it was far too dangerous, and not worth the research and demanded Elliot to stop any testing. Elliot was upset, and with the help of a fellow scientist who believed in his ideas, they were able to gather some resources and equipment that they needed, but without proper funding, they had to resort to crude tests. Unfortunately, Elliots fellow scientist died in one of the experiments from an overload of anti-quaza given because of a lack of proper equipment. Enraged, Elliot partially blamed Hero Factory for not giving him the resources he thought he deserved, but decided to press on with his research despite lacking what he needed. Eventually, after many tries, he was able to engineer a form of anti-quaza that while being more unstable than normal, is far more powerful and potent. He then made an exo frame where he could properly utilize the true power of anti-quaza. Elliot took to the lower levels of the city, taking on the name Bracer, and fighting off villains that the Heroes can’t always take down themselves. Despite his good deeds, Elliot is still seen as a criminal by Hero Factory, and they are still trying to hunt him down. Unfortunately, the amount of highly potent anti-quaza Elliot has used over time has begun permanently effecting his brain, and his body has even started to become partially reliant on it. A good way to get anti-quaza is from draining hero cores, and converting their quaza into anti quaza, something which Elliot finds himself doing more and more often. At first he only stole quaza when he felt he really had to, and almost never killed a hero for their quaza. But lately, with his sanity slowly deteriorating, and finding himself requiring stronger and stronger doses, Elliot has resorted to harvesting hero cores and other illegal activity more often than he used to. He tells himself he’s doing it for a greater good, so he can help protect the city where the heroes can’t, but in the back of his mind he wonders if it’s all worth it, or if he really is as bad as what he’s fighting…

I really did not intend on this being this long, but if you have any sort of problem or question about anything just tell me. And is there a limit to the amount of characters one can have?


I really should do that. I’m still working out a couple of kinks, so once that’s done I’ll post a couple of characters as well as a returning villain.[quote=“Samtastictogo, post:2, topic:48387”]
Second, in the event our character dies, are we allowed to make a new character, or are we excluded from the rp upon our character’s death?


That’s completely ridiculous. Even if I wanted something like that there’s no way I could ever logically enforce it.[quote=“Samtastictogo, post:2, topic:48387”]
He carries around a hand-blaster at all times.

I’ll need specification on this - how powerful is it, how does it operate, etc.

And exceptional craftiness if to the level of a weapon wouldn’t take up two slots, so if you want a third you’re welcome to it.[quote=“Samtastictogo, post:2, topic:48387”]
and who recently acquired a job at the Hero Factory.

Keep in mind Warner wouldn’t be a Hero, as that isn’t how it works.

Also, for the info you PMed me… That’s a risky gamble. Ultimately it’s up to you what you do, but it may not work out.[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:3, topic:48387”]
And is there a limit to the amount of characters one can have?

This early on, I’d say no. Later on, if characters are everywhere, there might be a limit for new players, or how often they can introduce a character. For now, no limit.[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:3, topic:48387”]

I want everyone to know that there are a few sketchy points with some of the aspects of Elliot’s arsenal, but @TheMOCingbird is a trustworthy player who I know has a fair bit of experience and knows how to play fairly, so I’m approving it.

Elliot Approved.


What about the stuff we discussed about Anti Quaza being a low grade Quaza substitute?


OOC: I’ve made the proper adjustments. Thanks for the pointers

Oh, did we decide on low-grade? I haven’t been keeping up with that PM, so I could change it if Ghid wants, though that would require a good bit of tweaking to my character.

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I’d recommend just renaming this substance to something else, that way it has all the same properties but it isn’t anti-quaza
Like quazidium or something

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This is why I had people helping me with the concept :stuck_out_tongue: I knew I’d forget something obvious but I didn’t think it’d be so soon.[quote=“TheMOCingbird, post:7, topic:48387”]
I could change it if Ghid wants

On second thought, I would prefer it be that way, yeah.[quote=“Samtastictogo, post:2, topic:48387”]
He carries around a hand-blaster at all times. It’s nothing special, about the caliber of a pistol irl; just simple self-defence, or if need be, intimidation.

I need more information. How many shots can it fire before it needs to reload? is it an energy-based weapon that doesn’t reload? if so, what’s the crutch? does it have a cooldown time if used too much in one go?

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Could I just change the name of it, and leave the idea that it’s a more unstable substances? Or just have it be liquid quaza, and have it be that liquid quaza is more potent because it naturally separates out all of the impurities?

I’d prefer the former, honestly. Also, state in some format how it’s a lesser version of it, so there’s a reason to keep harvesting more instead of trying to find a way to charge it.

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Wait, what do you want to be a lesser version of what?

Anti Quaza is a lesser or inferior version of Quaza. If it was truly superior, why did Elliot have so much trouble finding a stable way of utilizing it to its fullest potential?

The idea that I had with it was that it had a stronger affect, and gave one more power, but was more unstable. It was superior in power, but inferior in that it is way more unstable, and can have negative side effects on the user.

Perhaps that can be a modified version of it Elliot spent a long time crafting, and thus due to the process of refining it, it loses its dependability, forcing him to more and more drastic measures than the average user would be forced to do.

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Ok, I’m still a little confused, so could you just tell me what you want me to change, and what to change it to?

Any reference to anti Quaza being stronger must specify it is actually weaker, and it being any way stronger is thanks to Elliot’s labors in tampering with the substance.

Also, I’ve written up a profile for Von Nebula.

Name: Von Ness
Alias: Von Nebula
Gender: Male
Appearance: Von Nebula has a large, rounded set of shoulders, with his head sunk deep down in the middle of his chest yet still slightly projecting out from it. He used to have blue spikes on his arms, but these were worn away over time due to ill usage of his armour.
-1: Ven Nebula is impressively strong, despite his physical structure/posture, and as agile as a monkey. His rotund upper body and his bowlegged stance may seen deceptive at first, but he is an incredibly quick and powerful foe in a smackdown.
-2: Von Nebula possesses the ability to create conscious wisps of his essence, which he can transfer into the system of a willing bot. It has no effect upon the bot, but if dispelled from its host’s system, Von Nebula can move it around using his mind, and with an extreme amount of effort actually reach out of it. This is how he triggered the Breakout event with the assistance of Voltix.
-3: Third Slot nullified by one of the others.
Personality/Weaknesses: Von Nebula is somewhat petty, selfish, and conceded, but especially cowardly and deceitful. If he gets himself into trouble he will sacrifice everything and everyone to get himself out of it. Deep down, however, Von Nebula’s heart is steadfastly set towards doing right, and he is deeply conflicted about every action he makes, almost always justifying it as revenge or proof that he wasn’t a coward.
Bio: Von Ness was a Hero in the original Hero Team. After an embarrassing betrayal of his comrades and crafting a deep hatred of Preston Stormer, Von Ness underwent a transformation which dramatically changed his physical appearance, and became Von Nebula. After a series of crimes and attacks he was defeated by William Furno and Stormer sealed him away in a weapon of his own design.

Later on, Voltix was caught and transported to the Hero Factory Prison. Upon being sealed away, Voltix released the Von nebula essence he was secretly carrying inside him, which Von nebula used to break his weapon and free himself. The resulting energy created a portal which released enough energy to wipe out power in the prison, and free the villains. He then went into hiding after his escape.

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I edited the bio, it should be good now.

Name: Dynamo
Alias: (In true 1.0 fashion) ‘The Rocket’
Gender: Male
Appearance: Dynamo is a tall and bulky hero with a large jet pack built onto his back. He uses the G2 Tahu master mask, and had a red, white, and silver color scheme.
-1: High Powered Jetpack
-2: Heavy Armor
-3: Null and void
Personality/Weaknesses: Dynamo is headstrong and impulsive, preferring to launch into the field without first thinking of the consequences. He’s a bit like a bird in the sense that he’s awesome in the air, but just sorta waddles around while on the ground. In addition to his clumsiness, Dynamo is slower while on the ground, due to the heft of his armor. Positive qualities wise, Dynamo is brave, lively, and eager to help
Bio:As a Hero, Dynamo was designed to combat foes in places such as Hivilus where the power of flight would be a major asset.

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Ok I think I might write up another character then heh

Name: Sean Swanson

Alias: Scanner (But he more often just likes being called Sean

Gender: Male

Appearance: Scanner is a thinner hero, with Metru Blue being his primary color. He’s got green eyes and he has a g1 Akaku (just imagine it fits on a glatorian head for the sake of the RP)

-1: Scanner has the ability to see through walls upon activation of his xray vision. This can detect heat signatures. In the case that any ice-based villains should arise, Scanner would not be able to detect them, or if any villain should be able to cancel out their heat signature. He also can’t see through some metals, especially dense ones. This power has to he activated and has a recharge rate of five turns.
-2: Scanner has an energy based Beam Rifle on his left arm which he uses for range combat. He, because of his particularly good vision, is a sniper, and thus likes to attack his enemies from afar. This rifle has three shots before having to recharge. It can be set to kill or it can simply be used to immobilize a target, for which it is used more often.
-3: Scanner, in case he is thrust into close range combat, Scanner is fitted with a very light broadsword which he has been trained with. It is fast, but it is not always on target, and Sean is likely to miss his swings often, but it can also be used to parry blows. No, it cannot deflect bullets, but it can be superheated using energy from Scanner’s quaza core, and used to melt through metal walls or similar substances.

Personality/Weaknesses: Scanner picks on rookies at Hero Factory, which usually doesn’t lead to great team building. He has a deep admiration for Preston Stormer, but usually doesn’t come into contact wih him. He’s not dim witted, but he certainly isn’t a genius, either. Sometimes he isn’t able to think a problem through all the way, and if the situation is tense enough, he’ll resort to physical violence to get out of it.

Bio: Scanner has been on the force for six years. Whether that’s a long time or not, he doesn’t seem to care, and he spends 90% of his time hanging out with well-seasoned heroes. After being assigned to his current hero team, he quickly hit it off with Dynamo, or “The Rocket.” @Traykar let me know if you’re cool with this, I’ll change it if you don’t want it.
Scanner is typically used in missions that require stealth. He has an easier time than most being quiet. Up until now, he has never failed a mission, and he intends to keep it that way.