How about that weather, eh?

Yes. We have a weather topic now.

So I was talking to some guys the other day about Matthew and they said that all the extreme weather happens in 'Merica. I was wondering if that was really true so instead of checking the internet I just made a topic on these boards.

What is some crazy weather you have experienced and where?


I like rain.


Same here the rain feels good on my skin

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I like rain too.

So long as it doesn’t make you evacuate and get your house looted.

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Paging Dr. @Mesonak

My weather flip flops all the time, like it was freezing one day and hot as h*ck the next.


It’s mild like it always is in the UK.

Well, I live in Arizona, so…it’s just intensely hot every day. It was almost 100 degrees the other day, and it’s October. :sweat:


I’m from Texas. We have five seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Fall, and February. :stuck_out_tongue:

Then there’s those weird times when Mother Nature plays Russian Roulette.

And finally, it never rains on the Plano Band. Ever. In all of history.


I prefer hot days and rainy days myself. As long as it’s not blistering, hot days just make me feel very relaxed. I like rainy days because there’s something comforting to it; like when I’m in a low lit room and it’s pouring outside.

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, though, is cold. I’ve grown to loathe things such as winter.

it’s always hot in my city, it never snows, and it doesn’t rain pretty often, AND I LOVE RAIN AND SNOW, I wish It was snowing all day… I hate Spain, I hate the sun…

Thank you for considering the children and the innocent homeschoolers out there.
So has anyone had to evacuate from Matthew besides me?

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In Oregon where I live it’s either cold, wet or both 90% of the time. @Chronicler can probably back me up on this

We actually had a pretty dry August, but then it decided to pour on the last day of August and the 1st of September

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I lived directly above you in Washington for five-and-then-some-years. I can relate. So different being back in the southeast.

I have australia weather so half the time seasons dont actually matter because it decides to be hot in the middle of winter.

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The weather here is super bipolar, it can be hot and sunny one minute, then the sky will go black, the wind will go crazy and it will start pouring like crazy…

Mathew’s coming for me…

South Carolina?

Nah, NY. I heard we might get hit hard in a few days

Seems like it could be farfetched though.

Oh yeah. Lots and lots of rain.

Since I live in the west coast, I don’t have to deal with Hurricanes. But I do have to deal with droughts occasionally. But most of the time the weather is normal.

except when there’s a lot of rain