How Can We Make The Internet Better?

You probably know that lately social media has been filled with drama and lots of other negative stuff. Cringe culture, cancel culture and cyberbullying in general have been really negatively affecting social media and the internet in general in recent years. I hate all of that. People use the excuse “that’s the internet” to justify all of the negative stuff on internet especially now a days. Well that needs to stop! We need to be held accountable for what we say and do on the internet and think before you act. I wish we can be civil on the internet. I know all of the garbage on the internet will not be as big of a problem in the near future but we can change it now if we don’t sit around and wait. So please be better on the internet. Treat others how you would like to be treated. This is probably the most “ranty” thing that I have posted so far but I’m very passionate about making the world a better place in general, This is just one of them. Let know what you think, I will be curious. #BettertheInternet


This is all true, and works in a better world. But here’s the sad truth: people just … don’t care. I don’t think the internet’s going to get better - the only thing you can do is deal with it getting worse. That doesn’t stop you from being the positive voice, but you shouldn’t do so with the expectation that people will change because of it.

As pessimistic as that sounds, it’s increasingly what I’ve found in the past years.


The internet will never be perfect and only big internet stars could make a difference. That’s all I have to say.

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I’m not saying it will be perfect but we can make it not as bad as it is right now.


We can’t give up! Did woman in the past that wanted to vote just did nothing about it and just except that woman couldn’t vote no. They protested and made there voices heard. It wasn’t easy but after all of that work woman were able to vote. Yes there are people that don’t care that’s true but we need to be the really loud minority to change how the internet is right now. One more thing. @Maphrox made a interesting comment on my Cringe is kind of a problem [DICUSSION] topic this is what he said. "Psht, genuine enjoyment and appreciation of a thing? That’s cringe bro, post-ironic deep-fried detachment is the only way to go my dude


I think cringe culture is mostly a result of the growing pains of the internet as a whole. The current era of a small number of websites hosting 90% of all internet use is barely a decade old at best, and so the social norms around behaviour that isn’t okay have yet to develop properly. Going into isolated communities for material to essentially bully a bunch of kids doesn’t sound good when I phrase it that way, but it’s a popular-ish theme for various youtubers making cringe compilations right now.

It’ll probably go away eventually, but hopefully the backlash isn’t so strong as to kill off constructive criticism. The hugbox effect is a content creator trap." - Mephrox

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Maybe. But that seems just as naive to me as saying “Boycott Lego! Petition until they bring back Bionicle!”

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You could say the same about the woman right to vote movement.

I’m pretty sure 50% of the world’s population is not committed to the cause of “making the internet a better place”.

Obviously this is hyperbole, but the internet is, frankly, too big of a place for a minority to change. I mean of course people should do their best to be civil and positive and constructive, but lots of people aren’t, and don’t care - do what you can, and don’t be the annoying brigadier that does nothing but cause annoyance.

edit: just to clarify: no, I am not referring to you specifically, @Ryleebat

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It has worked. The hate for fandoms for example. When something bad happens in a fandom even if it’s not from the majority of fans people then hate that fandom because some loud minor did a dumb thing.

What do fandoms have anything to do with it, though? That’s on such a small scale compared to the entire internet.


This is probably the only thing that could stop all the toxicity on the internet.


Very interesting discussion. It is a good idea to at least be kind yourself and try to encourage others to be kind. However that won’t change the world sadly. Instead of trying to fight the symptoms such as bullies, trolls, “fan artists” etc one needs to step back and look at what is creating this toxic culture. There are two factors IMO. Firstly the user. The user is bringing how they act in irl into the internet, if they are mean to people that reflects the upbringing that has lead them there. Secondly the platforms/engines eg google, Twitter, YouTube etc. the people behind the platforms when they were first made didn’t realise how much their creations would affect people and underestimated the need for engines to be unbiased and for platforms to have “a moral compass” Because there is no set standard these companies can’t just say what is right and what is wrong and thus they just let anything go.
At the root of both these factors is a lack of morals IMO. Seriously. Think about it. How can people know what is right or wrong if the world is increasingly questioning what is good and what is bad?
Individuals can try to be good but the entire internet cannot change as people can’t decide what they think is good. Sure they can try to limit bullying or block ‘bad’ content in mainstream areas but the internet isn’t governed by one set of rules and there’s always going to be a dark side.

*phew man that was a long rant, sorry if it’s overly negative :confused: It’s good that you’re at least making a topic like this to raise awareness even if it’s only to a hand full of people :+1:

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Make the internet better?


No, make people better, not the masses. You make people better those people can heal the tiny areas around them, but you will never change the internet as a whole.


That said, you will also probably never change the people as a whole, either.

You can’t change anyone; you can only convince others to change themselves.

-Gandhi Junior :gregf:


Thanks. I’m going to try to make the internet a better place. :two_hearts:

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Michael Jackson said it best :grinning:

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Short of getting rid of all social media, the internet can only get worse. It will never improve, and there’s nothing you can do because the average Twitterite/Redditor/4channer/whatever is about as intelligent and empathetic as the bacteria living in Eljay’s toilet. Seriously, 90% of websites are either:

  1. A bunch of idiots trying to farm fake internet points because they have no priorities or self-esteem,
  2. A bunch of idiots going into at least one baby rage a day because someone disagreed with them about an issue that doesn’t exist, if not seriously trying to ruin someone’s life over said issue,
  3. A bunch of idiots being the absolute worst people they can be simply because anonymity has given them the freedom to do so, or
  4. An echo chamber of political extremism/some niche conspiracy theory/whatever other idiotic pseudo-cause you can think of to rally behind.

And that’s the stuff I’m allowed to talk about on this board without breaking ToS. To “make the internet better” requires us to change the minds of billions of idiots who go out of their way to treat each other poorly for whatever contrived reason motivates them. Oh, and don’t even get me started on celebrities/influencers. You cannot and will not save the internet. It’s a lost cause, and I’m afraid Axonn was very, very wrong about those.


I fully agree with the notion that the internet is full of nasty stuff, but it’s hardly a new phenomenon.

I’m not really wanting to entertain a lengthy discussion on the matter, but I’ll leave my quick thoughts - you’ll see way more success just by being a positive presence rather than trying to convince others to adopt it. If you act with respect and kindness when the “expected” response is negative, people tend to notice, stop, and think.

Short answer - even in the most toxic environment, it is still possible to be a little ray of hope. Don’t worry about how everyone around you is treating each other - show them how to act with compassion, and leave it up to them to decide if they will follow your lead. :wink:

I won’t dig into your actual post, but c’mon! Axonn’s wisdoms deserve better treatment. I adore that line. :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s true but not everyone is a Christian. We need to be example for everyone. Love your neighbor as yourself you know. :v:

Pretty much what the Canon Contest discussion topic is.

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