How Did You Discover TTV?

I was trying to find reviews of the 2001 sets for a while and came across them a few years ago and watched them off and on and only recently started watching all there content

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I found them and started following them when they first reported on the 2015 leaks, but I might have found them before then.


My story is a little weird.

I was involved way back in the day with a ridiculously tiny site called that me and a few others had pretty high hopes for. At one point, very briefly, @Eljay had something to do with their project, and I heard about TTV's videos through him. That would have been back in March or April of 2014.

An unimaginable amount of nostalgia is spreading through me right now. :slight_smile:

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It was when the 2015 leaks started to appear. I was just feeling nostalgic one night and decided to look up bionicle, and I saw a ttv video about the 2015 leaks.


Well I found out due to the recaps

I think I was just combining random things I like on youtube (LEGO Legend of Zelda, stuff like that) and I searched 'Minecraft BIONICLE' and came upon Biocraft. After waiting for infinity for it to come out I started checking out other shows, On eBay Today and The Recap Reviews were my first ones I think. Eventually I decided to check out the podcast and after about 10 episodes I'd finally managed to work out whatr the hell was happening.

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I stumbled across TTV when I was watching some BIONICLE videos on YouTube a few years back. (Maybe 2013ish)

Huh that was actually like fours years ago.

I was way off.

I found TTV by watching Bionicle Autopsy, back when the channel Wales called thethreevirtues on YouTube. It was kind of funny, because when I had watched all of the Bionicle Autopsy videos, I decided to check out the other stuff on the channel. I was in for a shock though, because I didn't know that there were other cast members besides Var, so when I started watching "top 10 weirdest sets" and heard Meso's angelic voice for the first time, I freaked out. Meso has since become my favorite cast member XD.


I would hardly call his voice angelic :stuck_out_tongue:

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Youtube sidebar had one of the Top 10's from TTV.

Checked it out, 2 weeks later, got an account here on the boards.

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It's a bit of a long story. I read some of the Bionicle Adventures/Legends books forever ago at my local library. At that point I'm not even sure I knew they were LEGO, or really what LEGO was. I got into LEGO in 2008ish and loved getting the Bionicle comics with the magazines and reading them. I only actually got a couple sets, I was more into the comics, but at some point they just stopped coming with the magazines.

A bit later, I can't remember when, remembering the comics and books, I went onto the Bionicle Wiki and read up on the whole history of Bionicle. I also ordered a few of the old books off Amazon to read them. I loved - and still love - the story, I'd read the serials all the time, and wait for an ending for "The Yesterday Quest", wondering why it was taking so long to finish. Then one day, while frolicking on the Lego Message boards, I found the "Ask Greg" topic and asked some questions about Bionicle. Over time, however, my interest in Bionicle kind of faded and I stopped visiting the wiki or the LMB.

Then one day, months later, I randomly decided to check out the topic again, and found people asking Greg about the "return of Bionicle". I did a few searches and found TTV episode 117, talking about the sets. I liked it, so I watched the next one, 118, and the next, 119. 119 is probably the one that cemented me as a fan. The awesome insights in their discussion of internet anonymity and the whole people vs. statistic thing was really cool and interesting. It's still one of my favorite episodes. And I became a fan ever since. I've watched most of their videos, and joined their boards.

But being a fan also kind of changed me, as TTV was more or less the first YouTube channel with a community I followed, which introduced me to so many new things. People compared Autopsy to Game Theory, so I checked that out, which introduced me to video game culture as a whole. TTV's discussions about the MCU was one of the main reasons I started watching Marvel movies, and now I'm a dedicated fan. And more recently, TTV Talks about RWBY got me to check out RWBY, which led me to Roosterteeth and RvB, and now I love all three.

It's really weird to think about the fact that randomly checking the "Ask Greg" topic has led me to where I am now and probably changed my life at least some. And I've kind of rambled on some, but there we are. And thank you TTV for helping me be the person I am now!


The first video covering the 2015 leaks got me into TTV, and got me back into Bionicle.

I found the video because I had found their review of The LEGO Movie, then I saw the video in my sidebar.

And I've been a fan of both ever since.


Let's see...

Mah boi @Jakura_Nuva said 'boi u gotta join plox'

I said 'yeah maybe'

then a couple years later I joined


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Top ten best Bionicle waves, or something like that, appeared in my YouTube feed

When ibionicle mentioned bio craft, in 2012!! WOW.

Oh yeah, iBionicle was a thing back then. RIP

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I was always here.