How Did You Discover TTV?

Except when you weren’t.


I was starting to get into Bionicle and found the Top 10’s and the Autopsy vids

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Shhhhhhh Always.

In the background.


Chewing wires for sustenance because they forgot about me in the basement.


That doesn’t sound familiar at all.

I found the TTV channel while looking for bionicle set reviews. Basically I’ve only watched the Recent and recap reviews and the moc spotlight since then. Also… Eljay has the best bionicle reviews. Better than Jangbricks for the most part. Please do hero factory reviews next. Please… back to the topic… I then subscribed in like 2015 or 2016. And then… well started postings Mocs on the message birds in 2017 thanks to the moc spotlight. Awww Nastalga. Bring back the moc spotlight please. Bye

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I found TTV through the death of G2…
I joined the community to help reverse engineer the Overlord Makuta model shown in the Makuta contest video. I became truly active in the community when TTV started their G3 project.

Before that I was more involved in the BZPower community.

In late 2014 I stumbled accross a video of a bunch of teenagers screaming about a supposed Bionicle “leak”. Been watching their stuff ever since.


Early 2017, my friend @Pohatuisawesome showed me this site (he was a little rude back then) I watched the site and eventually joined

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i think your story is the same as mine

I ran out of BSO1 podcast episodes.


I dunno, I just ended up here one day

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I’ve always been here. Jk lol RaptorTalon from mocpages told me abt it. I can’t remember his username rn

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Ah that’s right

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