(How) Do new Rahi come into existence?

I am aware that Rahi and other inhabitants of the MU don’t reproduce biologically. I know this topic has been discussed far and wide on the internet, but I have been looking into it and I’ve gotten some mixed information.
Matorans and some other Rahi are carnivorous, meaning they actively hunt and reduce the numbers of certain other Rahi, like fish or Pokawi for example. That brings me to my questions:

  1. Can Rahi in any way, shape or form increase their numbers by natural means, meaning excluding someone going through the process of creating one? (Eggs, protodermis being infused with energy from the environment, being sent back from the Red Star etc)
  2. If the Matoran catch fish every day, would there at one point in time be no fish left due to no more coming into existence?
  3. If the answer of new Rahi being made/born is intentionally ambiguous, can I just come up with some way in my fiction work?

Questions like these are fuel for debates, but I really want to be sure, as some people said that it was neither confirmed nor denied if new Rahi can be birthed/created/whatever without a Makuta actively creating one. Thank you for your time!

  1. Rahi were produced by the Makuta. I believe the “no biological reproduction” rule applies to them as well, though I will stand corrected if we said differently in story somewhere.
  2. The Matoran were catching fish when they were on the surface of Mata Nui, so they were fishing in Aqua Magna. Those weren’t Rahi fish for the most part, they were just fish. Rahi existed primarily inside the robot, not outside.
  3. It’s fan fiction, not canon, so you can do whatever you want in your own work.

I imagine there could be old vaults or containers that some Makuta hid away that opened at various times and released Rahi.

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That’d be cool.