How do you deal with Non-Lego-Fans?

hello everybody!
my question is: how do you deal with people who don’t know or don’t like bionicle?
you know that moment when a new friend walks into your room, sees tons of BIONICLES and tells you,
how childish that is? i hate that :smiley:
so, how do you deal with that?
do you just ignore it or do you try to introduce them to the awesomess of bionicle?


Most of my friends who’ve seen my collection don’t care really. None indicate that they have a dislike for Bionicle, as far as I know. Sometimes we bring up the point that even though I’m the one who still collects toys, I’m probably the most mature of the group. By that I mean I’m not going around cracking racist or sexist jokes and making insults for random stuff.


sounds good :wink:
did your parents say something about you not stopping to collect bionicles, when you grew older and older?


I don’t talk about LEGO around them? Seems pretty simple.


that would be simple :smiley:
but as i said, i was talking about people SEEING your collection


My best friend and I both like Bionicle, so we have no real problems with talking about it (or Lego in general) at times.

Now, about other people. Usually when they see them they go like: “lol u still have those”. I just tell them that I really liked them as a kid and I thought of keeping them since they look cool.

Regarding my part bins, I just tell them that I had a lot of pieces. That’s it.


Simple: Don’t invite non-LEGO fans over.

I think most of the people I know IRL know that I have an interest in LEGO, and they’re nice about it.


Me in a nutshell.

One of my friends actually still likes Bionicle.

“I am always shouting
when I go outside
‘People should repent now,
or they’re gonna die.’
My motives are all selfish,
I couldn’t be any prouder.
If people don’t believe me,
I just beat them and shout louder.”
-lyrics to Old West by Five Iron Frenzy
That about sums it up.

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Nope, it is really my main interest, so they don’t mind. Just as long as i have a plan for it later in life.

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I throw them out of my house and lock the door


I don’t let people I don’t feel confident about showing into my room. :stuck_out_tongue:

While I’d like to say I’m open about it and don’t care what people think, that’s really only a goal for me. My self esteem can be lacking, and Bionicle is kind of a sore spot.

Well, my friends really are half interested in Bionicle. I’ve even made them self mocs, one being a Barraki that became a toa. They know small parts about it. With Bionicle 2015, I’ll be making it known that i’m a Bionicle fan at school. Even if I get hate for it. If I am hated on by other kids at school, I really just don’t care, because alot of kids at my school are a ■■■■ when it comes to that. excuse my profanity please

well the problem I have is that no one I know irl execpt fpr my brother likes bionicle, and most my friends dont like lego at all, apperently they liked the lego movie, but meh, I just dont talk about lego around them. I also have a friend who hates lego, but has a box filled with 2001-2003 bionicles that he wont sell to me…jerk. Oh and my room is just plain messy, lego is everywhere clothes on the floor and all that stuff, middle of cleaning it though

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same here. except for the room. i cleaned it yesterday. and now my desk is full of matoran :blush:

Honestly if I was bringing them to my room and they didn’t know I about my collection, she’d better be freaking hot.
JK, but seriously, I wouldn’t let them in unless they knew and were cool with it.

I actually hide my Bionicle stuff from my family and friends, I know I shouldn’t because it suggests that I’m ashamed, which I’m not. I just don’t want my family and friends having issues with it, thankfully it’s only books, but I assume you can’t just hide a collection in the wardrobe. XD


Lol every day of my life. There is practically no one who lives around me who has a clue as to what Bionicle is. And if they do know what it is, they haven’t had the fortune of growing up with it, and they don’t have an idea as to how amazing the story is. About a year ago, I started trying to convince my friend to start getting into Bionicle, and it actually seemed that it was peeking his interest. So I was going to lend him my Bionicle Graphic Novel collection, but he said his parents don’t let him read graphic novels. :stuck_out_tongue:


wha iz a bonclcxrs?

All of my friends like bionicle/Lego, so I don’t really have this problem. But if I did, well, hammer time. That is all.

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