How do you edit your title?

I have seen this to quite some users, how can I change it?

I believe you require a Patreon or are rewarded it from Mods.

Titles at this point are more or less a product of a by-gone era on the Boards. They used to be awarded for special events such as the TTV Civil War April Fools event, and only masters would be able to edit/change their title.

For a time during the reign of Jahi, they were a perk for Patreon members that if you gave $10(?) or more, you could have a custom title awarded, but because it was a manual thing, it got backed up and a mass of people only were able to get it because the admins were working on adding in the “Cashmoniqua” award on the boards and were accessing Patreon accounts anyway.

That award has since been removed from the Patreon perks and at this point, only Mods or Admin have the ability to award titles (to my knowledge).


can it be given at request?

They can be, though they likely wouldn’t be.

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Why? At least for Masters?

Because they’re relegated for special events/achievements.

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Alright. Even though the anility to change it from “regular” would be nice.

Yeah, I’ve been wanting to change it to “normal” for forever now.

There are special events?
When is the next special event?

Hey, that’s me!

Like Prentice said, the mods/admins can grant you a custom title if you do something neat or special. I got the one you took a screenshot of, for example, for running an RPG.


I paid for one, like the bourgeoisie I am