How do you start your MOC building process?

I usually start with a color scheme I want to work with and a mask to go along with it. I go through my many buckets and drawers of pieces and take out all the pieces I can find in the color or colors that I want to work with and lay them out on my table. Very rarely do I jump into a MOC with a clear thought of how I want it to look. I usually just start putting pieces together and see what I like/looks good. It’s a real trial and error process for me, which means I can work for hours on end and not really gain much ground. Anyway, how do y’all start a build process?


Well, usually I take a concept (like a color, feeling or object) then I just personify that. Although, sometimes I just see a cool design someone else made and I build around it.

I usually just get an idea, and try to roll with it. If it’s something with a head, I usually begin with the head. Then from there I make a color pallet, and try and make the final product. I try to begin with the head, but sometimes I begin elsewhere. It depends.

pray to kapura

I look at some of my favorite sets and MOCs for inspiration.


Legs, m8

lots o legs

I actually like to start with a torso so I have a solid base for everything to connect on.

I start with either an idea or use inspiration from others

I make a torso using a modified Inika build that I use on all of my MOCs. Then I figure out a colour scheme as well as turn on a TTV podcast, and then attach pieces using that colour scheme in mind.

Mine usually start with a concept, or are built as a character in my story. From there, I generally choose a color scheme, maybe a mask and weapons, and get to work. I usually build my mocs from the ground up, starting with the feet, then legs, then torso, and doing whatever from there.

I pray to Karzahni…no wonder my MOCs are terrible.


copy other people’s MOCs.

Really, though, I tend to just dump out my parts bin and start building. Creativity doesn’t require planning. :wink:

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Usually a mask and a basic idea of what I’m making. I generally gravitate towards doing the torso first seeing as it’s what I’m best at.

I tend to pick a piece and then try to make it work, or I will come up with a character and then try to build around that…

I usually just grab one peace, and base my whole Moc around that! Normally it’s a mask but it can also be a leg, an arm, a body, you name it.

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I come up with a name, then choose an element, which defines the color scheme, and after all of that, I search for parts and startbrainstorming, how I want the MOC to look. I have some pretty designs, I’ll show you when I have time.

I usually start with a very vague idea and stare at the parts for hours. It slowly comes to me. I build the torso (or use an already built torso) and design the legs then the arms and the head. I leave it to stand on my table and after a while random ideas come into my head on how I could improve that MOC.
I’m like magic C: :stars:

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When i get a main idea for the MOC,i just randomly start building.

It’s like Rahiden’s “stare-too-long-at-one-piece” technique, I made a ton of little MOCs with that technique.

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Well I sorta got myself stuck in a creative corner with my current WIP MOC using that technique :slight_smile:

How do I start?


I don’t.