How Does One Say "BIONICLE"? (The Pronunciation Topic)

I pronounce it “Cheer-ox”.

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This is probably the least likely one…

Everyone calls it differently
Friend 1: Chee Rox
Friend 1’s brother: Kye Rox
Friend 2: Kee Rox
Friend 1’s brothers ex girlfriend: Keer rox
Friend 3: Kire Rox

I call him Cheerios. :wink:


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I always read it as “Sheer-rocks”.

Both Chirox and his partner, Kirop, are likely based on the word “chiroptera”, the scientific name for bats, so the CH supposed to be pronounced as a K.

I still say it as “CHEE-rocks”, though.


I used to call the Toa Inika “Toa In-Ai-Ka” until around 2015.

I also used to say Rahaga Kualas’ name as “Koala’s” rather than “Kool-us” like it is meant to be pronounced.

I say “‘coup’-all-is”, and no one can stop me

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I say it Koo-Ah-Lus

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Which is technically “Koala’s”

I think koala is pronounced Ko-Aah-La but I am not sure

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I mean Koala’s as in mutliple Koala

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…and here I am having always said Chai-Rocks

I spoke to some guy about it
He called it-
No it’s too horrible
He called it


Scodonius. I don’t know why that one is so hard.

Also Angonce, I thought it was Agonance originally, but it’s Angonce which I would assume to be pronounced Ang-gones, but apparently its ANN-gahnts which makes no sense to me.

I used to pronounce Jaller as its spelled because of the Swedish mask of light dub, and similarily, Dume.

Then there’s Ehrye, air-yay according to the BIONICLE: Encyclopedia Updated, but its pronounced EYE-ree on the Nuju promo disk. Always used the latter.

Vezon and Gelu I also pronounce like geh-loo and Vee-zonn.

…I only just realized that it’s spelled “Angonce” and not “Agnonce.” That definitely changes how I pronounce it.

And Ehrye is always a weird one for me. He’s in this weird grey area where I forget he exists most of the time, and then I see his name and shrug. “Eerie” would be my first guess, though apparently that makes too much sense. :stuck_out_tongue:

Goodness, I hope I’m not a fake fan just for not knowing these characters

I say “Eye-ir” for some reason. I don’t know why, that’s not anything like how it’s spelled, but I pretty much got myself and my friends into Bionicle, so…

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Is… is it not pronounced Vee-Zonn?

I pronounce it Veh-zonn


Me too.

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